Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Google's Gdrive is Coming!

Everyone has been going crazy for Google's Gdrive, an online hardrive that will replace any need for your current hard drive.

The Gdrive is a cloud-based storage device that will allow for storage of your entire hardrive. It will run with a desktop client who will keep all files and folders while a google server will do the rest. This is particularly good for people who travel alot or need to work away from their desktop. With the Gdrive you will be able to work on an offline project like word or spreadsheet and save it to your Gdrive, then, on the road you can open up your laptop, check your Gdrive and start working on that same project or vice versa. Go see my post about the Gdrive in more detail on A Computer Blog if you want more.

Needless to say everybody has been waiting for years, thats right, years since they first heard the rumors about the Gdrive and it looks like all the anticipation will be worth it.

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  1. Hi Zack. Full disclosure here: I work for, which offers easy and secure file sharing, wherever you are. I read your post on Google's GDrive with great interest and just wanted to add NomaDesk to the mix.
    In fact, NomaDesk has similar features and is geared towards the need of the "digital nomad". We are convinced that the more data gets synchronized, the more likely it gets compromised. Therefore, NomaDesk includes an encrypted virtual drive that keeps your files securely available off-line and remote file shredding and IP-tracking with TheftGuard. Of course, we impose no limits on storage and bandwidth.
    The current NomaDesk release 2.6 displays file states and indicate whether files are already in use by someone else. You are also able to add and review notes (i.e. meta-data). The Mac version is on its way.

    I would appreciate your review.