Thursday, January 8, 2009

Windows Live Mesh - Perfect for Those On The Go

Windows Live MeshYou have a work computer in the office, you occasionally get business done at home and have a mobile laptop for business trips and keeping yourself informed while on the go. What exaclty do you do when working at one computer but need to access an entirely different one? Stop e-mailing yourself files or using a clumsy remote desktop and get with the program known as Live Mesh.

What exactly is Live Mesh you might ask. Its pretty simple really. Live Mesh is a data synchronization system from Microsoft that allows files, folders, and programs to be shared with one another across multiple platforms. In other words, Live Mesh allows you to synchronize your work computer, your home computer, your laptop, your pda, and even your mac, all which may live in different places, to one another in order to create your virtual network of cloud computing.

Say you and your coworkers are collaborating on an important project and want a more efficient way to work and communicate when not in the same building. Live mesh allows you to share files and folder between multiple users and keeps everything synched as files are updated and added. Need to know when something has changed in these types of networks? No need to worry. Live Mesh allows you to monitor your connections with others and you can see when new members are invited or when files have been changed. Perhaps your ambitions aren't entirely business related and you just want to share your pictures with family and friends. Live Mesh would work wonderfully in this situation as well.

Live Mesh also includes an online cloud storage component known as Live Desktop which allows you synchronize folders to be accessed via a website. Basically you don't even have to be at one of your own personal computers to access your files. This is great when needing to work out of a cyber cafe or anywhere else where you aren't using your own personal computer.

In short, Live Mesh looks like a must have for those who are constantly on the go and looking for newer and better ways to stay connected.

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  1. I have read about Live Mesh before. It looks amazing and I am sure that in a year from now it's going to be one of those things that none of us can imagine living without.