Friday, February 24, 2012

AT&T to Get Samsung Rugby Smart on March 4th

Samsung Rugby SmartSamsung has developed a new rugged smartphone, designed to withstand some rough handling. The device, known as the Samsung Rugby Smart, has been popping up here and there but the company has just announced that the Rugby Smart is officially coming to AT&T stores on March 4th. If you have been waiting for a Samsung smartphone that can withstand heat, dust, dropping, water and just about anything else you can throw at it, then you only have about two weeks to wait.

The Rugby Smart is said to be completely waterproof, meaning you can fully submerge this baby for as long as 30 minutes in up to one meter of water. The actual phone is built to military-specification 810F standards which means that it should be able to handle quite a beating as well. Samsung has issued a press release detailing full specs of the Rugby Smart as well, so you can fully understand what this phone will survive.

The device is also said to launch with Android 2.3 as an operating system and come with a 3.7" WVGA Super AMOLED screen. In addition to that, the Rugby Smart will have 4GB of internal storage, 1,650mAh battery and a 1.3MP front-facing camera for video chat and a 5MP rear-facing auto focus camera with LED flash and 720p HD recording. As far as physical size is concerned, the Rugby Smart will measure 12.19mm thick and weigh 4.2 ounces. The device will be officially launched at AT&T on March 4th for a reasonable $100.

According to Senior Vice President of Devices for AT&T Jeff Bradley, "The Samsung Rugby Smart is perfect for active customers who need another level of durability with their smartphone." Dale Sohn, President of Samsung Mobile, added, "We continue to bring the highest quality devices - the Rugby Smart is the ultimate smartphone to withstand extreme conditions. AT&T customers are now able to stay connected with a durable smartphone while experiencing even the roughest environment."

Source: Engadget - Samsung Rugby Smart officially coming to AT&T March 4 for $100

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Nielsen Defines New "Generation C"

Nielsen has recently categorized a new generation of Americans. They describe them as being “born sometime between the launch of the VCR and the commercialization of the Internet.” They are “Americans 18-34 [that] are redefining media consumption with their unique embrace of all things digital.” This generation is now being referred to as Generation C.

According to Nielsen, Generation C comprises 23 percent of the United States’ population. However, this somewhat small section of the population makes up for a very large amount of the media consumption and media device ownership in the U.S. Nielsen reported that people in Generation C are many of the consumers that are “watching online video (27%), visiting social networking/blog sites (27%), owning tablets (33%) and using a smartphone (39%).”

Interestingly, Generation C is actually not the largest group of consumers that watch online videos or use social networking services. Individuals in the 35-49 year old bracket actually account for 28% of these consumers, something that I found surprising.

However, those in Generation C are clearly the leading consumers of tablets and smartphones, a fact that I did not find surprising.

Generation C is definitely a new bracket that marketers and advertisers are adjusting their techniques to cater to.

Nielsen said, “Their ownership and use of connected devices makes them incredibly unique consumers, representing both a challenge and opportunity for marketers and content providers alike. Generation C is engaging in new ways and there are more touch points for marketers to reach them.”

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Friday, February 17, 2012

32GB Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM Supposedly Canceled

If you were really looking forward to getting your hands on the 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, then I have some rather bad news. The GSM model was originally was supposed to be available with either a 16GB or 32GB model, but the 32GB has yet to make it into physical form. That may be due to the fact that online retailer Expansys-USA Samsung has officially canceled the device. Well, it may just be delayed, though recent reports aren't looking favorable.

The Galaxy Nexus was shipped without support for a micro-SD slot, which would allow for extra storage, leaving users to contend with whatever built-in storage their model came with. The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon comes with 32GB of storage, but everybody else, including GSM models, can only get 16GB devices. Lots of users have been waiting for the company to ship 32GB versions online with no luck.

An "official" comment from an employee at Expansys named Corey has just been released stating that Samsung has, for some unknown reason, canceled or delayed the 32GB model, though it is uncertain as to whether or not this information is viable. The statement reads, "We've just been notified this morning that Samsung has dropped the Galaxy Nexus 32GB from production. At this time it looks like they will not be releasing it. Not good news at all. Corey, EXPANSYS-USA."

A lot of people have been specifically waiting for this exact version to come out. The 32GB GSM Galaxy Nexus was also showing up as discontinued early Tuesday morning at the online retailer, though now it seems to have disappeared from the site completely. If more information on the 32GB model comes up, we'll be the first to have it, though the outlook doesn't look good that you will be getting this device any time soon.

Source: Android Community - Samsung Galaxy Nexus 32GB GSM canceled according to online retailers
Engadget - 32GB GSM Galaxy Nexus canceled, Google hopes you really like streaming

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Samsung Officially Reveals the Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)

Samsung has officially unveiled its newest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0). This device is the successor to the original Samsung Galaxy Tab which was released back in 2010. The tablet runs Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and is built around a 7" 1,024 x 600 PLS LCD display and comes equipped with a 1GHz dual-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM, WiFi and a 3MP rear-facing camera.

However, if you just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab and are upset, don't be because there is a lot of information about this device that suggests it is a budget model targeted at entry-level consumers. The main camera is fixed-focus and doesn't have an LED flash, plus the front-facing camera is only a VGA resolution camera as opposed to your standard 1.3MP or higher camera. In addition to that, the device is only 10.5mm thick, which makes it kind of chunky compared to most other tablets released by Samsung.

The reason for the bulk is to accommodate WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, A-GPS and HSPA+ connectivity. There is also 16GB to 32GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot and a 4,000 mAh battery to top it all off, though Samsung has yet to announce how long the battery will last.

Like I said earlier, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the operating system, making the Galaxy Tab 2 the first one released by the company to come pre-loaded with the software. Other software includes TouchWiz modifications, content hubs, ChatON IM, KIES Air and support for DLNA. That's all the information Samsung has released so far with specific pricing and release dates still unavailable, though it was announced that it's scheduled to be released first in the UK at the beginning of March.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S Advance Gets Pre-Order Status in U.K.

Reports are coming in that the Galaxy S III from Samsung won't be showing up at MWC 2012 this month which leaves the Galaxy S Advance as the only other smartphone to catch the eye of attendees. Even though it isn't available at the moment, the device has been popping up all over the internet via pictures and is largely considered to be the replacement to the Galaxy S Plus.

TechPinas has already claimed to have had some hands-on pictures from the S Advance, as well as a video of the new smartphone way before its release. Even though the S Advance lacks some of the power and features of the Galaxy S II, it is still a pretty solid device. The phone comes with a 1GHz dual-core processor along with 768MB of RAM, a 4" WVGA Super AMOLED display with curved glass (ala Galaxy Nexus) and a 5MP camera with LED flash. In addition to that, the S Advance also comes with a 1.3MP front-facing camera, 8GB of internal storage and Android Gingerbread for an operating system.

The biggest drawback to the Galaxy S Advance is that we won't be seeing it in the United States anytime soon. However, if you live in the United Kingdom then you're in luck because Clove, a smartphone retailer in the U.K., has already outlined pre-orders for the S Advance starting at £295, or $467. The device should ship around the end of February, more specifically the 27th so you better hurry if you are looking for a pre-order.

Source: Android Community - Samsung Galaxy S Advance spotted in the wild, hits pre-order status

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Google Announces New "Bouncer" Security

On Thursday, February 2 Google announced that it was adding some new security for its Android Market. This new security is being called the Bouncer. It will scan Android apps for any possible malware.

Google went on to say that Bouncer will scan all new and existing apps as well as the developer’s accounts. All of this will be done "without disrupting the user experience of Android Market or requiring developers to go through an application approval process," said Google's vice president of engineering, Hiroshi Lockheimer.

"Here's how it works: once an application is uploaded, the service immediately starts analyzing it for known malware, spyware and trojans," Lockheimer wrote in a blog post. "It also looks for behaviors that indicate an application might be misbehaving and compares it against previously analyzed apps to detect possible red flags."

Google will run every single app through the scanning process and alert users to anything that might be a potential issue. Developers' accounts will also be examined to make sure that any banned individuals do not try to come back.

Android malware issues were a big topic last year. Google does not have a particularly strict app approval process for the Android Market, which does make it a much more open environment; however, unlike the Apple App Store, the store is much more susceptible to malicious apps.

"We've chosen not to be the gatekeeper," said Alan Davidson, the former director of public policy at Google. "We don't generally go back and try to make sure that every app does what it says it's going to do. [Google is] really trying to maximize the ability of small app developers to get online."

According to data that was released by Juniper Networks, the number of malware issues from the Android Market jumped 472 percent just between July and November 2011. However, Google’s report was very different than Juniper Networks' report. Google said recently that in the second half of 2011 it saw a 40 percent decline in the downloading of potentially malicious apps on the Android Market.

"This drop occurred at the same time that companies who market and sell anti-malware and security software have been reporting that malicious applications are on the rise," Lockheimer wrote. "We know the rate is declining significantly."

Sources: Google Blog - Android and Security and PCMag - Google 'Bouncer' Now Scanning Android Market for Malware is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!