Monday, November 23, 2009

Surgeon Creates iPhone App For His Patients

Surgeon Creates iPhone App For His Patients

Dr. Steven Deneberg, a Omaha, Nebraska plastic surgeon has created his own iPhone app. It allows his patients to choose a procedure without even stepping foot into his office. iPhone or iPod Touch users can download it, pick a procedure and see examples of potential procedures. It even allows them to email the doctor with photos of their problem areas and receive feedback without having to have an appointment.

Deneberg says he created the app himself, "I bought a stack of manuals and taught myself how to program it and this is what happened," he told KETV in Nebraska. But he is no stranger to innovation. In the 90's, he was one of the first plastic surgeons to take his business to the internet, launching his own website with hundreds of pictures.

When the app was finished, Deneberg tested it and had it approved by Apple. It's the first app of its kind. Dr. Deneberg has also started a company to develop iPhone apps for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and anyone else in the medical field who could benefit from showing photograph to their patients.

Monday, November 16, 2009

iPhone's Roambi Pro, Visualize Data On The Go

As more and more business are using iPhones to actually conduct business with other businesses developers are creating more business targeted iPhone apps. One such as, Roambi, was released for free earlier this year. It allows you to take your "Excel data into interactive visualizations, and deliver them to your iphone, with our free online publisher."

Today they've released the Roambi Pro. For $99 per year and per user, you can take your data to another level. Roambi Pro is a secure, hosted service that lets you take your critical business data from Google Docs, Excel, and and create visualizations to share with any iPhone user.

Roambi Pro user can upload their data to the secure server. You can then choose how you'd like to "see" your data, (i.e.: pie charts, graphs, etc), they'll create it for you. The spreadsheets are turned into interactive charts and graphs. To see more information on a specific piece of a pie chart, you simply touch the piece you to explore.

According to Leena Rao at TechCrunch "...the app itself intuitively stores various charts according to subject matter and category, making it easy to access various visualizations quickly and efficiently."

Roambi Pro also provides live refresh, so your information is always current. If anything changes on a company's spreadsheets when the user is away from their office, the user can update their data with the push of a button. And it saves the hassle of having to call in to update the company numbers before a presentation or meeting.

So whether you're a small or medium or large business, this app may be perfect for keeping track of all the data you need when you're working away from your office.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apple Products Among Time's Best Travel Gadgets

Time Names Apple Products Best Travel Gadgets
Time Magazine has just come out with their list of the best travel gadgets of 2009 and Apple products seem to reign supreme. The iPod touch and the MacBook both made the cut; the MacBook because of its size and environmental friendliness and the iPod Touch due to its Wi-Fi compatibility, speed and selection of games.

Strangely absent from the list was what is perhaps Apple's most popular product: the iPhone.

So what else made the cut? Coming in at the number one spot is the Slingbox Pro HD. It is followed by MiFi, the Targus 4-port Smart USB Hub, the MacBook and Beats Solo rounding out the top five. To see the complete list, visit

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Manage Your Job Search On the Go

Manage Your Job Search On the Go

With unemployment numbers in the double digits and the economy just starting to recover from a recession, many people are spending a majority of their time looking for a job. Job-seekers are also forgoing the old-fashioned ways of job-hunting and looking to everything from social media to their iPhones for help landing employment. Below is a list of ten must-have iPhone apps for job-seekers.

1. App (free) - search for jobs just like you would on the website.

2. Job Compass (free) - allows you to find jobs within a 100 miles radius of your location.

3. Now Hiring ($0.99) - search for jobs or a whole new career.

4. Job Finder ($0.99) - aggregates jobs from multiple search sites.

5. Craigster ($0.99) - the Craigslist App.

6. LinkedIn App (free) - works just like the LinkedIn website.

7. iJobs ($0.99) - search the entire world for jobs

8. ABContacts ($3.99) - manage your job contacts

9. BeamMe (Free/$7.99) - send your business card to any computer or mobile device

10. Domain App (free) - set up your own web domain

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Must-Have iPhone Apps for Business

The Best iPhone Apps for Business

The iPhone App Store has over 2,000 apps that are strictly for business, allowing you to use your iPhone as an important part of your work. Many of them are free or inexpensive. A lot of them require you to have a membership with their parent company before you can take advantage of the mobile versions. There are apps for tracking your business flights, apps for networking, apps for keeping up with your office phone system and apps for security and keeping up with important documents. But which ones are the best?

How do you choose just the ones you need? Take a look at our list of some of the Best Business Apps for iPhone.