Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Kindle 3G

It is sad but true. The paper book may be fading into obscurity, but is this really such a bad thing? Sure, a shelf full of books may look outdated and pretentious in a few years, but the slow creep of change from paper to digital does nothing but good for the environment and makes reading on the go simpler than it has ever been before. Amazon was the first powerhouse on the e-reader front with its Kindle, and even though many other contenders have appeared, Amazon's newest version of the Kindle offers new features that prove that Amazon is still in the lead.

Amazon has always aimed to make the Kindle appear, and to a certain extent feel, like a regular paper book. The screen has always looked like paper and ink, but with the Kindle 3G the contrast has sharpened for clearer text and sharper images. Maybe one of the biggest draws for the new Kindle 3G is that it can be read in bright sunlight. This is a major improvement over other e-readers and a big convenience for reading outside. It is endlessly frustrating to bring a book to the beach only to end up squinting the whole time. The Kindle 3G looks similar to older models, but this time around it has become even lighter at 8.5 ounces and slimmer at 1/3 of an inch. This makes the Kindle 3G lighter than a paperback and incredibly easy to travel with. Sleek and black, with a well spaced QWERTY keyboard, the Kindle 3G is appealing to the eye as well as simple to use.

People who read vary greatly, some have a veritable library in their homes while others pick up the occasional paperback at the grocery store. Kindle 3G can appeal to any type of person, serious reader or no. For those who boast books in the thousands, Kindle 3G has doubled the storage capacity of older models with the ability to hold up to 3,500 books. For the casual reader it is possible to have a quick read anywhere. With the Whispersync network books are downloaded in less than 60 seconds to the Kindle 3G, and once they have been purchased the books can be accessed on any Kindle compatible device, such as a computer or iPhone. The selection of Kindle books is massive. Amazon boasts 670,000 books available for Kindle download. Kindle books are also cheaper than regular paper books, often costings dollars less than their paper counterparts. If it is hard to decide which book to download, Kindle 3G also offers free samples of books to help the customer make a selection. For the frugal reader, Kindle 3G offers over 1.8 million free out-of-copyright books. Books by independent or unpublished authors can be found for little or no charge as well.

Along with upgrades on older features and newer features to ease the complications of reading on the go, Kindle 3G offers some features completely unheard of in previous Kindle devices. First off, Kindle has enhanced its PDF reader, so work related documents can be read without the need for a netbook or laptop, making working on the go easier. Also, as its name states, the Kindle 3G offers 3G wireless coverage in over 100 countries and territories. Even if one opts for the cheaper Kindle without the built in 3G, the newer models offer built in WiFi so the internet can be accessed at WiFi hot spots. Why all the internet capabilities in a device that is strictly used for reading? This newest version of the Kindle has the new WebKit based browser, a completely new addition to the Kindle family. With the WedKit browser the internet can be accessed anywhere by Wifi, making web browsing quick and accessible.

Full of new features and improvements on old features all in a smaller package, the Kindle 3G will soon become a must have for those who read on the go. Thousands of books are available at the fingertips of Kindle owners, and with the Kindle 3G those books are becoming as easy to read as those printed on paper. With better looks, performance, and new built in web browsing, the Kindle 3G is sure to become a staple of the reading world.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rent Your Textbooks with Your iPhone

rent your textbooks with cheggSummer is coming to an end, and school is getting ready to start back up. If you’re looking for a way to save some money this school year, is there to help you. Books can be extremely expensive, but with the new app from, you can search for books, compare book prices, and actually rent the books right from your portable device.

This is a free app that is available for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It gives you the exact same experience as the Web site does. Students can search for books by title, author, or ISBN. You can also scan the barcodes on books, compare rental and retail prices, rent books, extend or purchase your rentals, track shipping, or find the nearest UPS location.

This app is so convenient. The moment you get your class syllabus you can start renting all the books that you need. It’s just one more thing that can help make the school year run a little bit smoother.

Right now you can use the coupon code MOBILE when you check out to get 10 percent off of all your rentals and purchases in August. To download the app, check out

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amish Country Ohio Wireless Coverage

Tomorrow I leave for a weekend trip to Amish Country Ohio, an area around Holmes County. I was curious which of my wireless devices would have services so I decided to do a quick check. I have a Motorola Droid through Verizon Wireless and an Apple iPad with service through AT&T.

I did a quick Google search for Verizon and AT&T's respective coverage maps and was (somewhat) surprised by what I saw. AT&T didn't have what they call "Moderate" coverage, they had "No Service Available." Even in the city of Berlin, which is a major tourist attraction, the best coverage they could "possibly" offer is shown as "Moderate."

Verizon, however, had full digital coverage for the entire county and surrounding areas.

While I realize we are talking about AMISH COUNTRY here... and the need for wireless/cellular service is probably limited, it brings up what I've always known: AT&T's coverage fails in comparison to Verizon's. I had hoped to be able to leave my laptop at home and use my iPad for everything; now, however, I'll have to bring my laptop in case I need to tether it to my Droid for access to my office.

Why can't AT&T offer better coverage? Why can't they partner with or piggy-back off of Verizon's network? Something. Anything. But as the maps above show... AT&T needs to do something.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AT&T’s U-Verse App for iPhones

u-verse mobile app for iPhoneOn Monday AT&T announced a brand new app that is very convenient for iPhone users. This app allows you to download and watch certain shows with its new U-verse DVR system.

This AT&T U-verse app seems to be a response to a similar app that was released by DISH Network. Both apps allow you to utilize your phone as a sort of remote control. AT&T customers that have a U300 package or better will even be able to instantly stream shows right to their iPhones.

"We're making it possible for you to watch TV shows on your iPhone at no extra charge. It's just one more valuable and innovative feature available on U-verse TV," stated chief marketing officer at AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, David Christopher. "Our U-verse multi-screen promise is now a reality for millions of U-verse TV customers, with content available on U-verse TV, U-verse Online, and today, U-verse Mobile. No cable provider comes close to matching the cross-platform experience we're delivering today, and we'll continue to add unique features that further integrate these screens."

Unfortunately, AT&T has not really said whether or not this app would work with Apple’s iPad. The iPad has the same OS as the iPhone, but it is still unclear whether or not the app will work for both devices.

Also, the names of the shows that users will be able to stream have not yet been revealed by AT&T. It is said that they will be from “several popular networks,” but who knows what that means?

No matter what, this is still a very cool new app. It allows you to not only record your favorite shows that you might miss but also watch some of them in your spare time. This is a perfect app for iPhone users that are always on the go. If you forget to set your DVR, it’s not an issue because you can take care of everything from your iPhone. This is definitely a very convenient app to have.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

So You Want a New Smartphone?

So You Want a New SmartphoneIt seems like everyone has a smartphone these days, and now you've decided to throw yourself into the mix, but which one do you choose? BlackBerry has always been thought of as a great business tool, but these days almost everyone has one. Apple's iPhone has been growing its presence in the business world and it's very trendy. Then there's the newest kid on the block, the Android, which seems to be all the rage these days. Which one is right for you? You are the only person who can make that decision, but here is a quick look at a few pros and cons of each phone to help you with your choice.

BlackBerry by Research in Motion

  • BlackBerrys have been on the market since 2002.
  • They were originally made for the corporate world but have since become consumer devices as well.


  • BlackBerrys are very durable (something to keep in mind if you're always on the go).
  • There are many different models available, many of which are pleasing to the eye.
  • The phone's keyboard is easy to use and offers a number of shortcuts.
  • BlackBerrys have an excellent battery life and out-perform the other phones in this category.


  • There aren't nearly as many apps for BlackBerrys as there are for the other phones.
  • Blackberry Apps are more expensive than those for iPhone and Android.
  • The phone can't seem to completely shake its corporate image. (This could be a pro or a con, but many average consumers see it as a con.)
  • Web browsing on the BlackBerry is not as great as on the other phones.

iPhone by Apple


  • The iPhone debuted in 2007.
  • The phone has a strong fan base, much of which came from Apple brand loyalty.


  • The App Store has more apps available for the iPhone than you could ever imagine.
  • The iPhone uses Safari for web browsing and overall, it provides a much better online experience than the other phones.
  • It has a sleek, shiny look that is very pleasing to the eye.
  • Its operating system has a lot more features than those of the other phones.


  • The iPhone breaks very easily. A friend of mine purchased one about a year ago, dropped it on his kitchen table the day he got it and to this day, it still has a huge crack in it.
  • If you're looking for a business smartphone, the iPhone may not be it. It's designed for the average consumer.
  • The iPhone has a very short battery life which seems to get worse over time.
  • Right now, AT&T is the only carrier for the iPhone.

Android by Google


  • You can find the Android operating system on a number of different devices.
  • Android started out on Google-brand hardware which didn't last very long
  • Android recently became the top-selling mobile operating system.


  • The Android Market may not have quite the apps the Apple App Store does, but it's giving the company a run for its money.
  • You can choose from a number of different hardware options.
  • Android offers Microsoft ActiveSync for corporate messaging.


  • Like the iPhone, many of the Android devices offer a very short battery life.
  • Even though there are tons of Android apps out there, a lot of them are bad. Really bad.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fashion26's Socialight Concierge Service

fashion26's socialight concierge serviceSpending time in New York City anytime soon? Well, if you are, there is a new mobile app that you absolutely have to check out.

The Garment District, New York City’s high-end fashion design center, can be an amazing experience or a complete nightmare. Fashion26 hotel and Socialight, a location-based social media platform that helps connect media content to a physical location, have come together to make navigating the fast-paced streets of New York’s fashion district much easier.

Fashion26 is a Wyndham hotel that just opened in April of this year. The goal of Fashion26 is to cater to the needs of tourists spending their time in New York’s fashion center. The hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Diedre Yack, says that they really wanted to make Fashion26 stand out from the other hotels in the city. In December of 2009 they discovered Socialight and teamed up to develop a mobile service based app for NYC that guides tourists throughout the fashion district.

The app is called Socialight Concierge, and it offers restaurant, shopping, and art recommendations and even walking audio tours. It can provide instant links to NYC concierge services and access to NYC’s subway map. Yack says that Socialight Concierge is simply an extension of the normal concierge services offered. According to Yack, guests have liked and appreciated the app that lets them know about nearby sales, free museum passes, and tons of other useful tourist information.

Socialight’s services go way beyond Socialight Concierge. The Socialight platform finds user-generated content like video, audio, text, imaging, and comments that are all filtered depending on the user’s interests, locations, and times. Now it is very different than the other location-based services that are currently available like Foursquare or Gowalla. Socialight really lets the user customize the experience according to their interests.

The co-founder of Socialight, Dan Melinger, says, “The most interesting part of this to me is how it can enhance one's experience in a city. People aren't going to want to spend all day searching for events in the city. With location-smart push notifications, we can engage with people in a more mutually beneficial way."

The app is basically free with an open API. Socialight makes their money by teaming up with companies like Fashion26 hotel or by charging a small fee to publish an application. Right now it is only available on Apple’s iPhone, but very soon there will be an Android version of the app.

Socialights Concierge is only going to have more opportunities to profit as it gains popularity. There is a ton of potential for restaurants, shops, and museums to utilize the app for advertising to curious tourists. This could definitely bring in the cash for Socialights. They already have sponsorships like the guest bike rental discount with Chelsea Bicycles.

Socialights has a variety of different mobile apps all over the world. Their new Socialight Concierge app can definitely be a huge help if you’re spending some time in New York City. It can give some great tips about the best shopping, restaurants, and museums that NYC has to offer.

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