Monday, January 19, 2009

HP Mini 2140- An all aluminum netbook with a brawny SSD drive

HP Mini 2140 Aluminum NotebookOne of the biggest complaints of netbooks is their anemic hard drives, often less than 20GB of storage. For a mobile professional, this might not be enough space to store large presentations, images, or videos, and may not be enough space for someone to install all of the software they need to run outside of the office. HP stepped up to the plate and delivered a new netbook with an 80GB SSD drive, or the option of 160GB 5400rpm or 7200rpm SATA drives, the Mini 2140- an all aluminum notebook weighing only 2.62 lb and just over an inch thick, great for people who need to downsize how much baggage they carry.

The 2140 features a 10.1" LED lit screen that displays either 1024 x 576 or 1366 x768 resolution. The notebook also has a specially designed keyboard, that is 92% full size, and uses keys coated with a special treatment that protects the print from wearing off with use.

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