Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Sony P Series Vaio

One of the smallest laptops has just arrived and its packing a big punch. The Sony Vaio p-series is making some serious waves in the world of laptop computers and the size is the most talked about feature.

But the functionality is what you should be most impressed with, with Windows Vista preloaded it makes accessing your documents and other information as easy as sitting at you home PC. The Sony P-series can also boot into the Xrossmediabar ( XMB) giving you easy access to the Internet and other functions without loading Vista in it's entirety.This should make working from the airport on a P-series a more bearable experience.

The Vaio p-series comes in with a respectable 2 GB and 1.6 GHZ CPU and for a laptop that can fit in your pocket the 128-GB solid state hard drive gives the p-series some speed.

In my opinion the world of laptops is on notice, because Sony has taken the game of working on the go to a whole new level.

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