Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Innovative Power Supplies For Mobile Workers

Innovative Power Supplies For Mobile Workers
by Laura Chapman

Technology finally appears to be catching up with the mobile worker, allowing for more and more professionals to operate effectively outside of the office. There are two major obstacles the world has worked to overcome in recent years, internet access and power.

Through 3G networks, internet access is improving for out-of-office workers, providing a wealth of benefits. Interactive maps allow individuals to easily find specific locations, while cloud computing means travelling workers can access company files from beyond the physical confines of the workplace.
Power supplies in laptops and phones differ greatly from brand to brand, and again depending upon an individual’s personal usage. Typically, a business person working away from the office will require more than the average amount of power during the day. If you run out of battery it can cause many difficulties.  In the event of a business emergency, where can an out-of-office worker locate a power supply?

Mobile power sources

Rail travel
Some trains now offer both Wi-Fi and power points for mobile phones and laptops to make life easier for mobile workers. This can be extremely beneficial to businesses as it means travel time can be utilized more effectively – preparation which may once have been limited to office hours can be done on the way to a client visit. If you require Wi-Fi and power for your electronic devices, check with the rail company before you book your seat.

Travelling by road

Sometimes rail travel simply isn’t the best option – for example when the train station is 20 miles from your final destination. If you are travelling by car, there are many in-car chargers available to help you keep your batteries topped up. The PC247 60W Universal Power Car Adapter/ Charger has a choice of eight adapters  and plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter for laptop-charging on the go. There are many similar devices that cater for mobile phones, too.

Travelling by foot

The most innovative device for charging up your mobile technology comes in the form of a back pack. The Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack charges mobile phones, tablets and notebooks using the power of the sun, so it’s ideal if you’re travelling on foot, on a train with no chargers or even planning on working al fresco.

The travel gadget features a removable solar pocket which captures and stores the sun’s energy to be transferred to your mobile devices – and also boasts 1,500 cubic inches of space in which to store everything you need for the ultimate mobile office. If that’s not enough space or you simply don’t like the style of the carrier, you can attach the solar panel to other bags to provide a stylish power solution wherever you are. They can be attached to basically anything which will be in the sun, such as bike racks or even your suit.

The backpack’s solar panels are lightweight, waterproof and relatively robust so you don’t have to worry about stepping out in the rain or being jostled about on public transport. As you travel in the daylight the panels will charge up on the go – but you can also charge up the universal USB battery before your trip by using a USB from a laptop or by using a DC or an AC cable. The battery will charge using a power source in 5.5 hours, or by using the sun in 7 hours of direct sunlight. The battery offers up to 19 hours of talk time for mobile phones – and for just one hour charging in the sun you will benefit from three hours talk time.

When using the sunlight to charge the backpack you are utilizing sustainable resources to power your equipment. On top of that, the backpack is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles (PET), assuaging even the greenest conscience.

In terms of what you can carry, the bag has been designed with business users in mind, offering a padded laptop pocket and mobile phone pouch on the shoulder strap of the pack. Plus, it boasts internal wire channels which allow you to charge up your devices while you’re on the move.
Mobile technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years making working out of the office more of a realistic possibility than it has ever been before.