Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Track Business Expenses with iSpend

Finally, there's an app to keep track of business expenses. Often, it is difficult to keep track of expenses on business trips, especially for small businesses. Maybe you don't have time to record and file each transaction you make, maybe you're in a situation where it would be impersonal to do so. Whatever the reason, at the end of the trip you have to organize all your loose receipts at the end of the trip to try to determine your costs. It's almost always a headache because of the difficulties of recording and examining every transaction.

iSpend will solve all your expense tracking needs. Recording a transaction literally takes seconds and you can even take a photo of the receipt if necessary. At the end of the trip, you will have all your expenses organized by time and date of input. It will even condense your expenses into a report that you can export directly to any web browser.

Because no exceptional organizational skills or effort are required to use this app, no longer will you have to worry about being reimbursed properly for expenses incurred on business trips. You can then focus more time and effort on the more important things. You'll be surprised at how much more productive your trips can be when you don't have to waste your time on frivolous expense tracking.

Read reviews and learn more about iSpend at Apple's official site. Don't go on another trip without it!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooking With Your iPad

Cooking With Your iPad

When you're working long hours and then coming home to cook at night, you probably don't have time to copy down recipes. I know, there have been many times I've found a recipe online and lugged my laptop into the kitchen to work from being careful not spill anything on it. Apparently I'm not alone and now iPad owners can turn their new gadgets into virtual cookbooks with a couple of new apps. The New York Times recently took a look at some of those apps and they chose two that stood out above the rest.

First of all, the Times' Test Kitchen says the iPad is so much easier to cook from than your laptop and or cell phone and in the beginning it offered, at least ten cooking apps, with more being added weekly. But the app they chose as the best one is BigOven Pro. The BigOven Pro app is free for iPhone but you have to pay $9.99 to get it on your iPad. The 170,000 recipes are a group effort, entered by the app's 800,000 registered users. The second runner up to BigOven Pro is Epicurious, which features over 28,000 recipes from Conde Nast publications such as Gourmet and Bon Appetit. Epicurious is free.

So how do the two compare? The two apps have lots of similarities. Both apps offer duplicates of the same dishes with slight variations, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask. If you put your iPad in a horizontal position, the search and navigation controls on both apps move to the left side. With both you can email recipes or compile a grocery list based on the recipes you choose.

According to the New York Times, BigOven's grocery list feature is easier to use. In addition, its Use Up Leftovers feature is another cool thing to take advantage of. You can take three ingredients from your fridge or cabinets and type them in to get a list of recipes you can create with them. As the Times points out, this is especially great when your brain is fried from work and you're not in the mood to get creative with recipes. Big Oven also has a nice, if not always helpful glossary.

Another cool feature of BigOven is What's Cooking Around Me? It shows you the recipes people in your geographic area are cooking. The New York Times calls it "strange" and "creepy" but I think it sounds kind of neat and like a great way to find recipes you may not find otherwise. Then again, do you really need to know if your neighbor is making spaghetti that night?

Epicurious is said to be better for "those who like to browse" and of course if you don't want to dish out the $10 for BigOven, Epicurious is free. But hands down, BigOven is considered the better option due to all of its extra features.

Read more about the two apps at the New York Times.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grow a Garden With Your iPhone

Grow a Garden With Your iPhone

With spring in full force, and summer just around the corner, many people are looking for things to do outside of the office. One great idea that's not only fun, but can be very economical and burns calories, is growing your own garden. But if you're anything like me, your thumbs aren't exactly green. Never fear, if you have an iPhone, these ten apps, as picked by ABC News, can help you plant, grow, and harvest your very own garden.

1. Landscaper's Companion (Price: $9.99) If you're looking for tons of information, this is the app for you. This encyclopedia-type app features over 1,400 plants from 16 categories such as shrubs, annuals, and house plants, and has nearly 6,000 photos.

2. Fruit Garden ($1.99) If you're growing fruit, this is a great app! It explains harvesting, tips and tricks, soil preparation, planting, and recommended varieties of 22 different fruits.

3. iGarden USA ($4.99) This app allows you to pick your zone and harvest fruits and vegetables based on it. Simply select your seed an it'll show you which days to harvest, planting depth, space between rows, and the best temperatures for germination. It even suggests insecticides to keep pests off your plants.

4. Bugs & Insects ($0.99) With over 900 pests in its database, this app is great for determining who is eating or visiting your plants. You can even create a "favorite" bugs list. Though "favorite" may not be the right work here.

5. Botany Buddy ($5.99) Here you'll find information on over 1,300 trees and shrubs. You'll get very detailed information and share your collections with other gardeners through their website. This app is normally $9.99, but for a limited time, you can get it cheaper.

6. Botanical Interests ($5.99) With this app, you'll get advice on 287 different kinds of vegetables. Who knew there 26 types of lettuce or 20 different types of tomatoes?

7. Herbs+ ($1.99) This app is great for herb gardeners and offers information on 25 different varieties, including how to plant it, how to cook with it, and even how to use it for health purposes.

8. Garden Pilot ($2.99) This app features over 14,000 different plants and covers everything from diseases to fertilizers, chemicals, and organic gardening. It also shows you which plants you can purchase from your local retailer.

For more information and more gardening apps, check out abcnews.go.com.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The BookLover iPhone App for Book Lovers

The BookLover iPhone App for Book Lovers

If you love to read, you probably squeeze it anytime you can. On your lunch break, during your commute, and when you're waiting for an appointment. But summer is just around the corner and that means vacation time, or for book lovers, even more time to read. If you've been too busy to keep up with new books or old titles you ran across and thought sounded good, you're in luck. There's now, as they say, an app for that.

The new iPhone app, appropriate named "BookLover," will help you build your own personal reading list. You can keep track of books you want to read, make notes on them, and even share your lists with others. If you already know what books you want to read, add them to your virtual bookshelf by simply typing in the title. The shelves show your books by cover picture.

Once you've set up your bookshelf, you can create categories for your books, such as genre, book type, and even books you want to read and books you want to give to someone else. Simply drag and drop your book covers into any category you want.

You can also touch any book in your collection to add notes. Maybe a friend told you the book is on sale at Borders, just pull out your iPhone and make a note of it so you'll have the information handy for later. You can even share those notes via iPhone email or Facebook.

The app could have more features but it's cute with its little bookshelves and its inexpensive. You can purchase BookLover at the iTunes store for $0.99.

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