Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AT&T’s U-Verse App for iPhones

u-verse mobile app for iPhoneOn Monday AT&T announced a brand new app that is very convenient for iPhone users. This app allows you to download and watch certain shows with its new U-verse DVR system.

This AT&T U-verse app seems to be a response to a similar app that was released by DISH Network. Both apps allow you to utilize your phone as a sort of remote control. AT&T customers that have a U300 package or better will even be able to instantly stream shows right to their iPhones.

"We're making it possible for you to watch TV shows on your iPhone at no extra charge. It's just one more valuable and innovative feature available on U-verse TV," stated chief marketing officer at AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, David Christopher. "Our U-verse multi-screen promise is now a reality for millions of U-verse TV customers, with content available on U-verse TV, U-verse Online, and today, U-verse Mobile. No cable provider comes close to matching the cross-platform experience we're delivering today, and we'll continue to add unique features that further integrate these screens."

Unfortunately, AT&T has not really said whether or not this app would work with Apple’s iPad. The iPad has the same OS as the iPhone, but it is still unclear whether or not the app will work for both devices.

Also, the names of the shows that users will be able to stream have not yet been revealed by AT&T. It is said that they will be from “several popular networks,” but who knows what that means?

No matter what, this is still a very cool new app. It allows you to not only record your favorite shows that you might miss but also watch some of them in your spare time. This is a perfect app for iPhone users that are always on the go. If you forget to set your DVR, it’s not an issue because you can take care of everything from your iPhone. This is definitely a very convenient app to have.

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