Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Kindle 3G

It is sad but true. The paper book may be fading into obscurity, but is this really such a bad thing? Sure, a shelf full of books may look outdated and pretentious in a few years, but the slow creep of change from paper to digital does nothing but good for the environment and makes reading on the go simpler than it has ever been before. Amazon was the first powerhouse on the e-reader front with its Kindle, and even though many other contenders have appeared, Amazon's newest version of the Kindle offers new features that prove that Amazon is still in the lead.

Amazon has always aimed to make the Kindle appear, and to a certain extent feel, like a regular paper book. The screen has always looked like paper and ink, but with the Kindle 3G the contrast has sharpened for clearer text and sharper images. Maybe one of the biggest draws for the new Kindle 3G is that it can be read in bright sunlight. This is a major improvement over other e-readers and a big convenience for reading outside. It is endlessly frustrating to bring a book to the beach only to end up squinting the whole time. The Kindle 3G looks similar to older models, but this time around it has become even lighter at 8.5 ounces and slimmer at 1/3 of an inch. This makes the Kindle 3G lighter than a paperback and incredibly easy to travel with. Sleek and black, with a well spaced QWERTY keyboard, the Kindle 3G is appealing to the eye as well as simple to use.

People who read vary greatly, some have a veritable library in their homes while others pick up the occasional paperback at the grocery store. Kindle 3G can appeal to any type of person, serious reader or no. For those who boast books in the thousands, Kindle 3G has doubled the storage capacity of older models with the ability to hold up to 3,500 books. For the casual reader it is possible to have a quick read anywhere. With the Whispersync network books are downloaded in less than 60 seconds to the Kindle 3G, and once they have been purchased the books can be accessed on any Kindle compatible device, such as a computer or iPhone. The selection of Kindle books is massive. Amazon boasts 670,000 books available for Kindle download. Kindle books are also cheaper than regular paper books, often costings dollars less than their paper counterparts. If it is hard to decide which book to download, Kindle 3G also offers free samples of books to help the customer make a selection. For the frugal reader, Kindle 3G offers over 1.8 million free out-of-copyright books. Books by independent or unpublished authors can be found for little or no charge as well.

Along with upgrades on older features and newer features to ease the complications of reading on the go, Kindle 3G offers some features completely unheard of in previous Kindle devices. First off, Kindle has enhanced its PDF reader, so work related documents can be read without the need for a netbook or laptop, making working on the go easier. Also, as its name states, the Kindle 3G offers 3G wireless coverage in over 100 countries and territories. Even if one opts for the cheaper Kindle without the built in 3G, the newer models offer built in WiFi so the internet can be accessed at WiFi hot spots. Why all the internet capabilities in a device that is strictly used for reading? This newest version of the Kindle has the new WebKit based browser, a completely new addition to the Kindle family. With the WedKit browser the internet can be accessed anywhere by Wifi, making web browsing quick and accessible.

Full of new features and improvements on old features all in a smaller package, the Kindle 3G will soon become a must have for those who read on the go. Thousands of books are available at the fingertips of Kindle owners, and with the Kindle 3G those books are becoming as easy to read as those printed on paper. With better looks, performance, and new built in web browsing, the Kindle 3G is sure to become a staple of the reading world.

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