Friday, July 1, 2011

Sliding Tablet Reportedly Coming from Acer by Holiday

Acer sliding tabletTablets are some of the hottest new pieces of technology out right now and just about every technological or computer company is dipping their toes in the market to see if they can somehow muster up a product to top Apple's juggernaut, the iPad 2. Now even though tablets are great pieces of tech and lot of companies are trying to aim them towards business professionals, they don't seem that useful to me. Actually, I should say they do not seem more useful than a laptop in terms of business professionals.

A lot of tablets, including the iPad, are a bit pricey. So much so that the price you would pay for an average tablet would be around the same you would pay for a pretty good laptop. Both would be lightweight, have good hardware that would work well with your business travels etc., but the laptop has one thing that a tablet does not, something that I would think is very crucial for business professionals who constantly find themselves working on the go... a keyboard.

Granted nearly every big name in the tablet universe these days has its own version of a detachable keyboard that you can buy separately from the tablet, but that is just extra money you have to spend and an extra piece of equipment that you have to travel with and take care of. To me the hassle doesn't seem worth it. However, Acer appears to have solved this problem by introducing one of their newest products, a slide tablet.

Acer is said to be releasing a slide tablet in the fourth quarter of 2011 with their crosshairs focussed on the year-end holiday season. This new product will adopt a 10-inch touchscreen and ARM-based processor and will be manufactured by Compal Electronics, who declined to comment about its clients. What sets this device apart from other tablets is that instead of having to buy a separate keyboard for your tablet, the Acer slide tablet will have one already built in. All you will do is slide the screen out and flip it up and you have yourself a fully functioning laptop clone.

Acer is holding back details on this device as the company is still currently trying to clear its inventory of notebooks. Acer has recently reduced its 2011 tablet PC shipment forecast from 5-7 million units to only 2.5-3 million. In addition to that, with more and more Android tablets starting to pop up in the second half of 2011, most of non-Apple tablet vendors' estimated shipments are slightly optimistic.

Either way this new tablet from Acer may be the better choice for on the go business professionals, especially due to the slide out keyboard. However, we will not truly know until all the specs on this device are out, so keep checking back as we will have updates about Acer's sliding tablet PC as they arise.

Source: DigiTimes - Acer reportedly planning to launch slide tablet PC in 4Q11

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