Friday, June 3, 2011

64GB MicroSD Card Announced by Kingmax

In a press release that came out on Tuesday, May 24, a Chinese semiconductor company called Kingmax announced its new 64GB microSD card and released all of the details about it.

Right now, the largest microSD card on the market is 32GB, so a card that could hold double that amount of stuff would be something great for individuals who have enormous amounts of MP3s and videos bogging down their phones and tablets. They would no longer need to feel restrained by the 32GB microSD cards and could simply switch out their current card for the massive 64GB one.

The original microSD card was introduced to the world by SanDisk, and it was also SanDisk that brought us the current maximum capacity microSD card, so I can’t help but be a little surprised that it is not SanDisk that is making this gigantic leap in the microSD world. When we were first introduced to the 32GB microSD card, it was priced at $199.99, but now you can find it on websites like Amazon for around $60. Mobile technology is becoming much more refined, but as file sizes expand for much more data-intensive formats, including FLAC and HD video, a card with a much bigger capacity is really in demand. Now, of course, Apple users get lucky. Due to all of the internal storage found on Apple devices, users should have no need to up their microSD card capacity.

The press release that Kingmax released gave plenty of details about the 64GB microSD card but did not indicate when they will be releasing the product. They also did not mention any type of price range. Taking into consideration what SanDisk first charged for their original 32GB card, Kingmax’s new product could be hundreds of dollars. Another issue that I didn’t immediately think of is that not all phones would be able to support a 64GB card. Verizon’s LG Revolution, with a 16GB card, and its Droid Charge, with a 32GB card, both can only support up to a 32GB card. It looks like the phone technology will need to catch up to Kingmax.

When you think about it, there really aren’t a ton of devices that are compatible with a card that is 64GB. I mean the card’s capacity is on par with the top, most expensive versions of the iPad and the iPod Touch. I’m sure that technology will quickly be catching up to Kingmax’s capabilities though, and while the company waits for technology to catch up, I’m sure that there are plenty of other storage companies that will be working to get out their own 64GB microSD card as well.

Here are the features listed in the press release on Kingmax’s website:
Product Features:
‧High compatibility & reliability
‧Ultra fast transfer rate
‧plug and play

Product specifications:
‧Dimension:15 mm x11 mm x1.0mm
‧Wear leveling algorithm to maximize product lifetime
‧Built-in Error Correction Code that auto corrects data
‧Energy efficient, extends mobile devices’ battery lifetime

Want to know more? Check out the actual press release at Kingmax’s website: KINGMAX Unveils World's Largest Capacity 64GB Micro SDXC Card.

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