Monday, May 30, 2011

Samsung's Galaxy S II Sells 1 Million Units in First Month

Samsung Galaxy S IISamsung started the week off with some good news stating that the Samsung Galaxy S II set a record for the fastest-selling smartphone in Korea. The Galaxy S II, which is a dual-core Android handheld, hit one million in sales in its first month alone. If you want to put that into perspective, it is about one phone sold every 3 seconds. This is incredible news considering the original Galaxy S smartphone took a full 70 days to reach one million units sold.

The Galaxy S II shipped back in the later part of April to Korea, the homeland of Samsung, and hit the 100,000 mark in three days, then doubled in eight and passed 500,000 units sold in two weeks. Samsung attributed the rush to hardware, pointing out the highly improved 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen. Samsung also added that other features, like the newer TouchWiz interface, super thin 8.9mm design and 21Mbps 3G, were also responsible for the rush of purchases.

The super fast sales rate of the Galaxy S II just goes to show you how intense the fight for smartphone supremacy is in Korea. Apple managed to wrangle 300,000 iPhone pre-orders in Korea and quite possibly came close to beating out Samsung's numbers. However, Apple's device still faces limitations from the past that Samsung has not had to face like limited carrier availability.

Until the addition of SK Telecom back in March, Apple was only able to pump out phones via KT. Samsung and LG have a virtual duopoly in Korea which has led to KT and other carriers supporting foreign devices. However, this has caused corporate retaliation. Samsung, for example, held back on marketing support for KT's Omnia line due to the carrier's iPhone deal.

Overall Galaxy S II sales are expected to be much larger due to the fact that the smartphone has a strong presence in Europe and other key parts of the world. Samsung is expected to repeat its all-fronts strategy in the United States with the launch of the Galaxy S II on almost all the major US carriers in slight variants.

Source: Electronista - Samsung Galaxy S II hits 1m units in Korea, breaks records

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