Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Netgear N300 Trek Travel Router Keeps You Connected Like Never Before

One of the more overlooked devices that debuted at CES was the Netgear N300 Trek wireless router. It's a really small, USB powered device that lets you share a wired or wireless internet connection with several different devices at a time. You can also use it to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Getting started with this little guy is pretty simple. You have to first choose which type of network you are connecting to, either wireless or wired, and then slide up the antenna. It comes configured with an SSID and a randomly generated password. Once you get everything together and open up the default web page for the device you can save a profile for the hotspot you're connecting to, then select the network you are connecting the router to, and then you'll be taken to the network's log in page.

Once you are all hooked up, you can connect as many devices as you'd like without having to log in again. You can connect all of your wireless devices, but you are not limited to wireless connections because it even comes with Ethernet ports for all of your wired devices.

This comes in super handy when staying in hotel rooms while you are traveling. First of all, most hotel rooms have very outdated technology. They aren't meant to handle our current multi-device lifestyle. Also, lots of hotel rooms make you pay for your internet connection per device you have. If you get your password that you paid for, just use this device and connect all your other devices to it. It's kind of cheating the system.

This is the perfect device for any business traveler. On top of it being perfect, it is almost a necessity at this point for anyone who needs to stay connected on the road to keep their life going.

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