Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sound ID 510 Blutooth Headset

The Sound ID 510 Blutooth Headset
A reviewer at CNET calls the Sound ID 510 Blutooth Headset a "truly excellent Bluetooth headset for iPhone owners." So, what makes it so great? For starters, the headset comes with its own customized iPhone app, which allows you to adjust the quality of your sound among other cool features. As for the headset, itself, it has three microphones, which is great for canceling out noise, it's got a green mode for those who are looking to be environmentally-friendly, and it even offers multiple ear fittings so that you can find the right one for your personal comfort. These features, alone, make this $130 headset one of the best you can buy for your iPhone.

Size-wise, it's small and light-weight. The headset is 2.1 inches long, 0.6 inches wide, and 0.3 inches thick. The reviewer at CNET compares it to a stick of gum. You can purchase either a black or white model and it comes in a hard plastic cover. It's very plain, according to CNET, but appealing all the same. The tiny multifunction button is easy to reach by feeling for it, and it's located on the front surface. Use the rest of the front surface as a touch sensor volume control.

The left side features the power toggle, which makes power conservation a breeze, and on top, you'll find the charger jack. The back has the earpiece, inside a Sound ID Real comfort ear loop, which, according to CNET fits snugly on your ear. Despite the fact that it comes with optional ear hook, wearing it is not necessary. It's said to be comfortable and even offers three different sizes so you may choose which one is the most comfortable.

The accompanying app is called EarPrint. it's free at the iTunes store but it only works this version of the headset. So, what does the app do? It allows you to measure how loud your surrounding sound is by decibels. It also acts as a personal audio equalizers in Personal Sound Mode. Personal Sound is a grid interface that lets you tap your finger to adjust the volume and ton of the audio. The Tools section lets you go back and forth between the in-call status indicator, a noise reduction demo, and Environmental mode, which lets you listen to surrounding noise. And even that can be set on Surround Sound or Focused Sound. Another tool, called Find My Headset, allows you to do just what the name says. Simply tap the locator button and a lost or misplaced headset will sound an alarm to help you find it. You can also check the headset's battery life via the app.

The headset's other features are pretty generic: ending, answering, rejecting, last-number redial, and transferring call capabilities. According to CNET's reviewer, the Sound ID 510's outgoing call quality is excellent and callers could hear the speakers clearly. Battery life for the headset is 5 hours of talk time or 5.62 days.

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