Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Official iPhone Twitter App

The Official iPhone Twitter App

If you noticed Tweetie 2 missing from the Apple App store yesterday, you weren't just seeing things. The app has been replaced by the new, official iPhone app for Twitter. The uniquely named app is called, well, "Twitter." Twitter actually bought Tweetie about a month ago, from creator Loren Brichter, and it looks like they basically added their own brand to it. The new app is being called "version 3.0."

According to CNN, aside from being absolutely free, the new app is basically the same as the old version of Tweetie, with no "big update" or "iPad support." Tweetie has been a popular app for iPhone users but if you were looking for big improvements, you might want to stick with what you have.

New features include viewing people's Twitter pages without having your own account, as well as signing up for a new account with the app. Once you do sign up, the app generates a suggested user list for you. "Top Tweets" have been added to search results and the "More" tab is a little different, with more popular options being moved to the main bar.

According to CNN, many developers worried about the future of their own applications when Twitter purchased Tweetie. Twitter, in turn, said they needed to have an official client. The company has been increasing its presence in the mobile world, in an effort to improve the user experience. The company's user-base has grown overwhelmingly lately and third party apps can often be confusing.

Twitter for Android was released in early May, as was the Twitter app for Blackberry, released by Research in Motion. iPhone, Android, and Blackberry make up the majority of the smartphone market, so now, no one has an excuse not to use Twitter...on the go!!

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