Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Manage Your Job Search On the Go

Manage Your Job Search On the Go

With unemployment numbers in the double digits and the economy just starting to recover from a recession, many people are spending a majority of their time looking for a job. Job-seekers are also forgoing the old-fashioned ways of job-hunting and looking to everything from social media to their iPhones for help landing employment. Below is a list of ten must-have iPhone apps for job-seekers.

1. App (free) - search for jobs just like you would on the website.

2. Job Compass (free) - allows you to find jobs within a 100 miles radius of your location.

3. Now Hiring ($0.99) - search for jobs or a whole new career.

4. Job Finder ($0.99) - aggregates jobs from multiple search sites.

5. Craigster ($0.99) - the Craigslist App.

6. LinkedIn App (free) - works just like the LinkedIn website.

7. iJobs ($0.99) - search the entire world for jobs

8. ABContacts ($3.99) - manage your job contacts

9. BeamMe (Free/$7.99) - send your business card to any computer or mobile device

10. Domain App (free) - set up your own web domain

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