Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Application Strategy in a Mobile World

Did you know 64% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent on apps? Ever since the start of mobile applications in the late 20th century our world has been changed. Mobile apps have been on the rise, and our society has developed an “I need it yesterday” mentality. We all think, the quicker the better and mobile applications play a key role in that. With the rise in this field people may be asking “What makes a good application?” or “What are the key components to create an application that will take off in the market place?"

There are a few things to look at when developing an application for your business or for your personal needs. The main thing is why; why do you need this app? Finding the underlying issue will help develop an applications that meets that specific need. Another key component is making your application user friendly. No one wants to use an app that they hate or is difficult for them to use. Make your application simple, to the point, and flexible. Always leave room for change and improvements. One last key component people look for in an app is price. Far more people go for a free application over one that costs; even if it is only $.99. You can always have extra content that a user would have to pay for once they've downloaded the app.

In other words, in creating an application always think of the user. Make sure it solves a specific need and that it is user friendly and easy to use. By doing these things you will always leave people wanting to come back for more.

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