Friday, March 9, 2012

Music Unlimited Adds Offline Playback to Android App, Comes to PS Vita As Well

Music UnlimitedIf you are a Music Unlimited subscriber as well as an Android user then have I got news for you! If you have ever wanted to take all your Music Unlimited playlists with you wherever you go, even when you don't have a mobile connection, then your solution has just arrived as Music Unlimited has just announced offline playback functionality for its popular Android app.

The app, with this new feature, allows you to download your Music Unlimited playlists and play all the songs that you have added wherever you go, whenever you want. What makes this even better is that your Music Unlimited playback functionality isn't limited by your mobile phone's service. Even if you are in an area that has absolutely no cell service, like an airplane, you can still listen to all of your favorite tunes.

Activating offline playback on your Android is really simple too. If you are already a subscriber to Music Unlimited, then all you have to do go to My Library, then Playlists. Once there, select the Options menu for the playlist you want to have available offline and then select "Available Offline". That's it, once that is done your playlist will be completely available even when your Android has no signal at all.

If you ever go offline, all you have to do is select "Switch to Offline Mode" in your Android hardware menu. Then you can browse by album, artist, song or playlist within your Music Unlimited catalog. However, functionality for Music Unlimited doesn't stop there.

Sony has also just announced that Music Unlimited has just become available on the company's brand new PS Vita handheld. If you are already a subscriber to Music Unlimited on your PC or PS3 then you will also have availability on your PS Vita. The service is available to download now from the UK PlayStation Store.

With the ability to have your Music Unlimited tracks on your PC, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and your Android in both online and offline settings, there will never be a time that you can't rock out to your favorite Barry Manilow song! What, no Manilow fans in the house? Whatever.

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