Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HelvetiNote App for iPad: Best Note Taking App Available

helvetinote appThe iPad is a fabulous piece of equipment that is useful for many things including: checking your e-mail from the comfort of your bed, watching a movie on a long flight, or simply entertaining yourself on the subway. You are most likely fascinated with vast amount of state of the art applications this sleek little device provides. You may also find yourself quite disappointed in the performance of the note taking app that comes standard with the purchase of your iPad in comparison to the other apps your iPad provides. That is why Apple has been working to bring you their newest note taking app, HelvetiNote.

The Standard note taking app that comes with the iPad is somewhat useful, but it seriously lacks in note taking features. HelvetiNote is much more efficient. It is set up to get the thoughts out of your head and onto your iPad. The app is simple in its functionality and is aimed to replace the Notes app on your iPad with its smart, elegant, Helvetica-font-oriented interface.

HelvetiNote is an incredibly simple app to use. To begin creating a note you simply tap the screen and type away. The process is both quick and straightforward, and the app works in both landscape and portrait mode. Portrait mode allows you to view more of your note as you jot down your thoughts. However, if you like having more room to type, you would certainly opt for the landscape view. It offers a nice roomy keyboard and still allows you a view of your note that’s just not quite as generous as portrait mode.

While you are typing out your note, you can choose to have the toolbar open on the screen or hidden away. The toolbar includes a search field, an option to add new notes, and a button to hide the toolbar. The toolbar also displays all of your created notes, cataloged in chronological order. When the toolbar is hidden, the note itself takes over the whole display. The background takes on the appearance of a lined piece of notebook paper and places the title that you have chosen for the note at the top.

One of the most attention-grabbing features of HelvetiNote is its sketch mode. Located in the upper right hand corner of the display screen are two little buttons that permit you to toggle between text input and sketch. While in text mode you can type away your thoughts, then at a touch of a button you can flip over to sketch mode and draw out a diagram within your note. Sketching is quite simple you just use your figure and you can sketch anywhere in your note. If you make a mistake, no need to worry you simply tap the eraser or press a button that will remove the entire sketch without causing any harm to your text.

One of the biggest disappointments about HelvetiNote is that the text doesn’t recognize a sketch and will type right over top of a drawing. Likewise, you can sketch over text. It would have been nice if Apple could have made it so text was aware of the sketch and could avoid it on its own, but overall it is a small inconvenience.

Another let-down about HelvetiNote is that it doesn’t sync apps with your desktop or any other service. This didn’t really bother me but some people did find it disappointing. However there is a button in the lower right hand corner to e-mail your notes.

Overall HelvetiNote is an excellent note-taking app. It’s well designed, easy to use, and has lots of great features that make it very enjoyable to work with. It’s perfect for taking notes in meetings and classes or just jotting down your thoughts when inspiration hits. Also, it’s an excellent value from the Apple store at only $2.99.

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