Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grow a Garden With Your iPhone

Grow a Garden With Your iPhone

With spring in full force, and summer just around the corner, many people are looking for things to do outside of the office. One great idea that's not only fun, but can be very economical and burns calories, is growing your own garden. But if you're anything like me, your thumbs aren't exactly green. Never fear, if you have an iPhone, these ten apps, as picked by ABC News, can help you plant, grow, and harvest your very own garden.

1. Landscaper's Companion (Price: $9.99) If you're looking for tons of information, this is the app for you. This encyclopedia-type app features over 1,400 plants from 16 categories such as shrubs, annuals, and house plants, and has nearly 6,000 photos.

2. Fruit Garden ($1.99) If you're growing fruit, this is a great app! It explains harvesting, tips and tricks, soil preparation, planting, and recommended varieties of 22 different fruits.

3. iGarden USA ($4.99) This app allows you to pick your zone and harvest fruits and vegetables based on it. Simply select your seed an it'll show you which days to harvest, planting depth, space between rows, and the best temperatures for germination. It even suggests insecticides to keep pests off your plants.

4. Bugs & Insects ($0.99) With over 900 pests in its database, this app is great for determining who is eating or visiting your plants. You can even create a "favorite" bugs list. Though "favorite" may not be the right work here.

5. Botany Buddy ($5.99) Here you'll find information on over 1,300 trees and shrubs. You'll get very detailed information and share your collections with other gardeners through their website. This app is normally $9.99, but for a limited time, you can get it cheaper.

6. Botanical Interests ($5.99) With this app, you'll get advice on 287 different kinds of vegetables. Who knew there 26 types of lettuce or 20 different types of tomatoes?

7. Herbs+ ($1.99) This app is great for herb gardeners and offers information on 25 different varieties, including how to plant it, how to cook with it, and even how to use it for health purposes.

8. Garden Pilot ($2.99) This app features over 14,000 different plants and covers everything from diseases to fertilizers, chemicals, and organic gardening. It also shows you which plants you can purchase from your local retailer.

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