Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Professionals Prefer Phones to... Everything

Professionals Prefer Phones to... Everything
Smartphones are everywhere these days, iPhones, Blackberries, Androids and others, and apparently their owners are quite attached to them. At least that's what a new survey from RingCentral, a cloud computing business phone system provider says.

"This survey demonstrates the critical role smartphones play in business. The passion business professionals have for these devices reflects a major shift in the way we work, and the new reality is that businesses do not have to choose between mobility and professionalism," said the CEO of RingCentral, Vlad Shmunis.

So what exactly did the survey find? Well, only about 17% of professional smartphone users admit they'd never give up their morning cup of coffee for their phone and 40% of smartphone users said their phones, tied with intimate relationships, is the one thing they can't live without. Yes, that means some professionals see their phone as being just important as their significant others and would have a hard time deciding between the two. Just 3% said they couldn't live without checking social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

About 79% of those surveyed said they use their smartphone to conduct business more often than their home or office phones and 34% say they use their phones more often than their computer for business purposes. About 7% even say they leave their laptops at home when they travel if they can take their phones.

While some have wondered whether or not people would ever give up their computers for their computers all together, this survey certainly seems to lean in that direction. At least the two compliment each other well. When your phone allows you to browse the web, check email, and post on Twitter or Facebook, it can work in place of your laptop when traveling, especially since it might fit in your pocket and not require extra security effort at the airport. Of course, if you plan to do any heavy work, you'll probably need your laptop. And with the release of the iPad and what's sure to be a new fad in technology, business professionals have a new option all together.

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