Tuesday, May 19, 2009

iGo Green Universal Charger

iGo Green Universal Charger

Imagine a world without multiple chargers for all of your multiple gadgets. This fall, that world could become a reality as iGo will make the first green universal charger available. The charger, just one in a new line of green products scheduled to make their debut this year, will work with over 3,000 devices including the most popular laptops, cell phones, media players, GPS devices, and handheld gaming consoles.

The universal charger will also be electric bill-friendly. The charger consumes about 80% less power on standby than traditional products and will shut down when the attached device is fully charged.

But that's not all iGo is doing to go green. In a recent press release, iGo president and CEO, Michael D. Heil, announced that iGo is launching iGo Recycles, "an electronic device and charger recycling program created to reduce landfill waste," to accompany the release of the new universal charger and other green products. Through the program's website, customers can print shipping labels to mail in old chargers to be recycled. The website also features a list of places where electronic devices can be recycled and makes them easy to locate by zip code.

The charger will be available in two versions. One plugs into a standard wall outlet and is scheduled to sell at $110. The other is designed for cars and airplanes and will cost $130. Custom power tips will be available for about $10 a piece. The green universal charger from iGo will be available around September 2009, both in stores and online.

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