Wednesday, January 13, 2010

T-Mobile Fender MyTouch 3G

Limited Edition T-Mobile MyTouch 3G FenderWay back in October, T-Mobile announced a new Android that was in the making. Most people just assumed that the MyTouch 3G was going to be passed off and that the company would move on to other Android projects. But what T-Mobile decided to do instead was to completely re-engineering the device.

The new version of the phone is coming out as a special edition in partnership with the world renowned guitar company Fender. The new phone will sport a fancy woodgrain finish on the front and back with the Fender name on the back.Of all the phones on the market this one has to have one of the coolest cases around.

However, a fancy new look isn't the only thing being added to the MyTouch 3G. A 3.5mm headphone jack is also said to be added to the device. The desperately-desired feature has been on the minds of everybody wanting the MyTouch 3G and is sure to be one of the key factors for some and the deciding factor for many when buying the phone.

Among other features that come with the MyTouch 3G is a 16GB microSD card as well as some pre-loaded music. You will also get access to the Android Market which contains over 10,000 apps as well as integration of Google's services. while many people are still going to go to the Nexus One over the MyTouch 3G, at least the MyTouch actually has consistent 3G.

If you are looking for a last-generation Android hardware with one of the most stylish looks and a 3.5mm headphone jack, than you really can't beat the Limited Edition Fender MyTouch 3G from T-Mobile. It has everything you need in an Android and more and it looks really cool. No word on pricing has been announced but I guess you can find that out when the device goes on sale starting January 20th.

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