Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nexus One Gets Colorful Makeover

Nexus One ColorwareEver just look at one of your gadgets and think "man you would look awesome with a turquoise frame, burgundy back cover and butter mellow bottom"? Well if that's so, then you have heard of a little company called Colorware. Colorware is known for taking many of today's popular gadgets and transforming them into colorful works of personal art based on your customization wishes.

Colorware has smacked it's custom finishes on hot pieces of technology like the iPhone 3GS, the Nook, the Nintendo Wii, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and even, on occasion, a ThinkPad. Well now the colorful company has added another device to their lists of customizable color makeovers, Google's own Nexus One.

Colorware offers 46 different colors in a solid, metallic or pearl finish. Colorware shows some amazing attention to detail with your customization options. Users have the ability to color the frame, the back, the bottom and even the camera (well done Colorware) with all the same colors and finishes or any combination of all of them. The process to transform your typically dull Nexus One into a colorful representation of your unique persona will take three weeks and cost you $175 if you already have the phone or a whopping $800 for a brand new phone.

The one restriction the service has on it is that it is only available in the United States. Other than that practically any way you want to color your Nexus One you can. To see exactly what your Nexus One will look like all decked out it its beautiful ensemble of colorful creativity, check out the Colorware Nexus One Design Studio on the company's website.

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