Sunday, January 17, 2010

MightyMeeting: Conduct Presentations On The Go

MightyMeeting is an application that will host your PowerPoint presentation or allow you to manage your PDF or Office files, while on the go, from your smartphone.

The process is pretty simple and quite handy if you're constantly on the go and not quite sure when you'll have to give that ever important presentation. You essentially upload your PDF or PowerPoint file to the service using a special Email address or directly from the web interface. You can then share the presentation with anyone you choose via email or SMS text message.

Once your audience has received your "link" they're ready for you to proceed. They can watch the presentation on the web or on their smartphones. When you flip the page on your smartphone, the change will be made on every "attendee's" computer screen or smartphone. You can use an integrated chat feature or use a simultaneous voice call to communicate with everyone.

To use the service you will need a 3G or WiFi connection. And to avoid any major network disruptions, you should be in an area with a strong connection. Another great feature is that you can choose to share your presentation with anyone and everyone with the Facebook and Twitter options.

I'm not entirely sold on the fact that this app will be the newest thing to hit your presentations. It is pretty handy and easy to use and could make traveling to meetings much less necessary, especially since you can operate it all from your iPhone.

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