Monday, February 8, 2010

Gigabyte M1405 With External GPU

Gigabyte M1450A couple of months ago, Gigabyte was showing off their M1305 laptop that had the ability to add an extra GPU as well as extra gaming capabilities to your laptop. Well Gigabyte, it seems, doesn't waste any time cranking out the next version of the device as it just showcased the M1405 at the 2010 Taipei Game Show.

The idea behind the external GPU was for you to maintain a thin, light notebook for easy mobility and then for you to dock it into a station Gigabyte calls the Booktop when you need more performance for entertainment or gaming. The M1450 has a spec sheet fairly similar to that of the M1350 with a few interesting improvements.

The M1450 comes with a 14-inch TFT LED display with 1366x768 resolution, Intel Core 2Duo SU7300 processor, up to 4GB of memory as well as 500GB of storage, DVD drive, Windows 7 and GMA 4500MHD graphics. All that comes in the mobile version but attach the GPU and you get an extra 6 USB 2.0 ports, GeForce GT220 graphics and 1GB discrete memory.

The M1450 also has a 6-cell battery but even that can be increased to 9-cells by adding an extra 3-cell battery in place of the disk drive. You can also overclock the Intel CULV by almost 20% without voiding the warranty. The M1350 hasn't even been released to the public yet but is supposed to cost somewhere around $1,200 for both the laptop and Booktop dock. There has been no word yet on a price or release date for the M1450 but a fully working version is said to be officially launched at CeBIT later this year.

Gigabyte designed the M1450 as well as the M1350 for professional businessmen who are always traveling or busy on the road and who want to balance a really professional mobile device with a heavy-duty gaming machine all in one package. This laptop would be perfect for a businessman who wants to kick back and game on one of those long trips.

Keep checking back as we will have more information about the M1450 as it arrives.

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