Saturday, February 20, 2010

Apple Increases 3G Download Capacity

Apple Increases 3G Download Capacity

In a move that some say is preparation for the upcoming release of the iPad, Apple has increased capacity for downloads over its 3G networks. The move from 10MB to 20MB would support the heavier multimedia content for the iPad. Not only will give iPhone users more flexibility with content they can download, but it's also a sign that the iPad may have higher resolution graphics and more complex applications.

From now on, if you're trying to download a podcast or app from the App store, you're less likely to get the message (pictured above) asking you to connect to Wi-Fi because the file is too large. This will allow you to download more videos and podcasts using the 3G networks. But of course, if you try to download something that's over 20MB, you'll still receive the Wi-Fi message.

The original 10MB limit was there because iPhone downloads had the potential to put a huge strain on wireless networks. And as many iPhone users know, AT&T is already struggling to handle the traffic it does get currently. Even so, Apple continues to partner with the company, giving them exclusive rights to the 3G-enabled iPad, despite the fact that AT&T's exclusive contract with the iPhone in the United States ends soon.

AT&T also announced this week that they would be enabling Sling Player 3G streaming on the iPhone. The company supposedly held back on this feature in the past due to fears of increased traffic.

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