Saturday, February 27, 2010

5 Great iPhone Apps for Your Business

5 Great iPhone Apps for Your Business
iPhone users don't go anywhere without their phone and they've found they can put it to great use. From planning your travel itinerary to your grocery list, there's an iPhone app for just about everything you can think of, and now many people are even using their iPhones to run their businesses. Here is a look at five great apps, suggested by's Rick Singer (via

1. Bento: For $4.99, this app helps you keep track of contacts and calendars, monitor projects, to-do lists, and keep up with inventory. It even lets you keep up with your diet! The app is is created by FileMaker (which is owned by Apple).

2. is a web-based collaboration service that allows you to edit and share large files with anyone. Its app allows you to post, view, or reply to comments on any file or folder, such as editing Microsoft Word files. Best of all, it's free!

3. HoursTracker: If you need to keep track of your employees or contractors, this app can do it all for just $2.99. Simply click on a clock and add a description to keep track of any timesheet. You can even calculate hourly wage and estimated tax percentages.

4. Invoice2go: This app allows you to create invoice, bill your client, or generate reports, using several different customizable templates. It is $9.99.

5. Business Card Reader: This one is probably self explanatory. If you have an ever-growing pile of business cards that you need to enter into your contact list but don't feel like doing all that typing, just take a picture, and the cards will be scanned and converted into a contact list for only $4.99.

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