Monday, February 22, 2010

Astrid Android App is Your Own Personal Assistant

Astrid Android App is Your Personal Assistant

Between work, kids, a social life, and other obligations, you probably often find yourself wishing you had a personal assistant. If you're an Android owner, now you can! Meet Astrid! Astrid is according to its website, "to-do list / task tracking system for Google’s Android platform built with your productivity in mind. Astrid’s goal is to be simple to use with the features you need to stay productive and get things done."

The app manages the deadlines and priorities on your to-do list so you don't have to. The app is free and it organizes your tasks by date and time. Simply enter the task - anything from "go grocery shopping" to "pick up the kids from school" - and the date and time, tag it with tags such as "important," "work," or "bills" and you can even enter how much time you belief the task will take.

Once you've created a reminder, you can determine if it's to reoccur or if it's just a one-time activity. You can also decide if you want the phone to notify you at the time the task is scheduled, before it's scheduled, or at the absolute deadline (something else you can fill in). A task meter shows you how many of your tasks you've completed and you can even hide certain entries. And every once in a while, the app will give you a reminder to do something such as, "When you have a minute: Clean out your inbox."

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