Friday, April 1, 2011

Most Carriers Getting Windows Phone 7 Updates Soon, AT&T Not One of Them

Windows Phone 7 seriesMicrosoft released last week their highly anticipated "NoDo" patch for Windows Phone 7 handsets. This patch finally brings things like copy and paste and a lot of other improvements to the world of Windows Phone 7. However, there is one problem with the NoDo update, the carriers. Microsoft began rolling out the update to unbranded smartphones in Europe last week over-the-air with no problems. However, in America things were a little different. In the U.S. it was up to the discretion of the carriers whether or not their phones would be receiving the update to the mobile operating system. Apparently this is common here in the states whereas a majority of phones run operating systems that have been bought off the shelf. Apple, Research in Motion and Nokia (until recently) were some of the few providers who were in charge of their own software updates and who were the ones that would take responsibility for an update if it failed on a phone. When a mobile phone is made by one person and its operating system is made by another, both companies can put the blame on each other if something goes wrong. This ultimately leaves the carriers as the ones taking the blame on a failed patch. That is why, in America at least, carriers test patches before they roll them out. It is also the reason updates for phones running Android or Windows Phone 7 can be delayed for so long. When this update was released last week, Microsoft had just posted a public chart showing where domestic carriers were in the deployment phase of the NoDo for Windows Phone 7. The good news today is that nearly all of the networks are rolling out the update to their handsets. But there is some bad news. The bad news is that AT&T is still testing their update and they expect it to be completed by early April. This is a huge delay for some users who have already waited six months for basic copy and paste functionality. It is so bad that even Microsoft is apologizing. Microsoft's Eric Hautala wrote, "I know many of you are disappointed, even angry. You certainly have the right to be. We've fallen far short of your expectations and our own, and for that I'm truly sorry. We didn't set out to let you down. But it's clear we did. Whether you're someone who has followed our progress from the start or are new to Windows Phone, you deserve the updates we've promised. My job is to get us on the right path and deliver them." While the apology is nice, many people would prefer seeing a plan on how Microsoft plans on fixing the patching process, or even if they plan on doing so at all. Source: - Windows Phone 7 updates rolling out to most carriers soon... except AT&T

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