Sunday, April 17, 2011

1&1 Online Storage App Makes Working on the Go More Efficient

1&1 Online Storage AppMobile technology is taking off faster than probably anybody anticipated with millions of people just in America alone using mobile devices and smartphones to do a number of things including logging onto the internet. Well, in response to that, 1&1 Internet Incorporated has developed a new app that is specially designed to be beneficial for businesses and business professionals utilizing mobile technology. This new application, known as the 1&1 Online Storage app, provides you with access to important documents without ever using a computer and can even be achieved with a mobile internet connection. Business professionals who are constantly traveling can can utilize this app to edit and manage documents more efficiently while on the go. The only thing you need is a 1&1 Online Office account which you get for free with most 1&1 hosting packages. The actual app is available to download for free to your iPhone, iPad or even your iPod Touch and any mobile phone running the Android operating system. According to CEO of 1&1 Internet Incorporated Oliver Mauss, "With the increased demand for mobile Web connections, 1&1 has been working hard to provide our customers with the tools necessary to manage their business from any type of internet connection. Mobile applications have become a dominant force in communication and information management and we welcome the challenge to continue providing customers with tools that support their efforts to effectively conduct business on the go." The 1&1 Online Storage app is simple to download and once it is downloaded, you can enter the email address and password associated with your 1&1 account. This login will provide you with access to 1&1's Online Storage from anywhere you can get internet service. A plethora of document types, including DOC, XLS, PDF, PPT and JPG, can be viewed, edited, filed and saved directly from a mobile device. In addition to that, each account is automatically given 2 GB of free space. If you need more than that, you can increase your storage capacity for an additional cost. All of the data and information is stored on 1&1's servers located in the company's state-of-the-art, high performance data center in Lenexa, Kansas. By storing your documents in Online Storage, you can ensure that only the most recent file versions are available and eliminate the chance of outdated information being referenced. Source: SFGate - 1&1 App Improves Efficiency for Working On-The-Go

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