Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top iPad 2 Rumors

The rumors about Apple’s iPad 2 have been swirling around everywhere. Everyone seems to have their own speculations about the highly anticipated tablet. Even industry analysts can’t help but make some predictions of their own. Analysts like iSuppli are already predicting that Apple will ship close to 40 billion iPad 2s by next year and will far surpass the estimated 12.9 million original iPads that they shipped in 2010.

So, there are plenty of rumors, but here are the most prevalent rumors currently floating around about the iPad 2.

1. There will be three different versions: Wi-Fi, CDMA, and GSM.

The original iPad comes in two different versions: Wi-Fi only and GSM (3G). Supposedly, upstream component makers told DigiTimes on Wednesday, December 29, that there would be three versions of the iPad 2. They even claimed that Apple will begin shipping these devices out sometime in January which, according to the iPad’s supply-chain schedule, would allow the iPad 2 to hit stores by April 2011.

2. Certain functions will be very much like the iPhone 4.

Various reports, including Reuters, are claiming that the iPad 2 will feature things like two cameras (a front-facing VGA camera and a back-facing 5-megapixel one), a three-axel gyroscope that is useful to gamers, and retina display technology.

3. It will be the very first Apple mobile device with a USB port.

This would be an awesome addition to the iPad 2. Reports have said that this would be an attempt by Apple to bridge the gap between phone and computer. According to Digitimes, the iPad 2 should come complete with two micro USB ports. This would open up so many more connectivity options for iPad users.

4. There will be a smaller version of the iPad 2.

The Japanese blog Kantedian cited an unknown Chinese source when they claimed that they had “found” the specific dimensions of the iPad 2. They said that the iPad 2 would measure in at 9.41 inches by 7.32 inches. This is smaller than the original iPad, which measured in at 9.56 inches by 7.47 inches.

In August an unknown source told Digitimes that the iPad 2’s screen would be 7 inches; however, in October Steve Jobs shot this down when he said, “The 7-inch tablets are tweeners.” What he meant was that a 7-inch tablet was too big to compete with a phone and too small to compete with a 10-inch tablet.

5. Apple has ordered 65 million units.

Digitimes has also been spreading around that Apple was ordering 65 million screens from their Asian suppliers. They said, “"Market players noted that the 65 million unit shipment goal indicates that Apple is very optimistic about the tablet PC market in 2011, and it may also mean that Apple is overbooking panel capacity."

6. The iPad 2 will feature an anti-smudge, anti-reflective screen.

The Kindle is known for its anti-reflective screen and is doing quite well.
DigiTimes claims that Apple is “also working on strengthening the iPad 2's anti-smudge and anti-reflective treatments in order to compete against Kindle and attract more consumers" only makes sense.

7. The back will have wide-range speakers.

Mac Otakara, a blogger for Japan’s May-The-Force-Be-With-You, cited leaked photos from a source in China claiming they showed “a hole in the lower right of the rear panel is neither a USB connector nor a SD card slot. It is a large, wide-ranged speaker unit covered with metal mesh."

8. The new device from Apple will have an SD card.

New York analyst at Rodman and Renshaw Ashok Kumar said, “Apple is on track to refresh the iPad by March and iPhone by late summer. A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores."

Other analysts agree, claiming that the rear slot that was seen on the early iPad 2 cases was made for SD cards. It would be a great addition to the tablet.

9. It will feature a dual-core processor.

As Kumar said, the iPad 2 will feature a dual-core processor. This could definitely satisfy the Apple haters who criticize the iPad and are awaiting the dual-core RIM PlayBook and the Motorola Android tablet.

10. Cases already exist for the iPad 2.

Pictures popped up on the trading site Alibaba showing cases for the iPad 2. Unfortunately, an unnamed company contacted the site and asked them to take down the pictures. John Spelich, a spokesman for Alibaba, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, “We do not know whether these products are what they say they are, but we have received a legitimate takedown request and are removing the listings.”

Despite this, it definitely looks like there are iPad 2 cases already made and ready for the device.

Now, of course, all of these claims are only rumors, but there are some very interesting claims to consider. No matter what, it looks like the iPad 2 will definitely be leaps and bounds ahead of the original iPad. Hopefully, Apple will soon release some information so we can stop all of the speculations about the fascinating new device.

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