Friday, January 7, 2011

Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series

Samsung Sliding PC 7 SeriesWhen tablet pcs came onto the market, they opened up a whole new array of ideas and possibilities, one of which was the possibility of combining a tablet pc with a small, portable netbook. Many technologies like this have already been created though none of them really work perfectly. But there is a new product that may be changing that, and that is the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series is a Windows 7 tablet/laptop hybrid. It is a full touch screen tablet that has a slide out keyboard to transform it into a fully functioning laptop. Powered by the 1.66GHz Z670 Oak Trail Processor from Intel, the Samsung Sliding PC 7 is a 2.2-lb tablet that features a 1366x768 resolution, 10.1-inch 340-nit touchscreen, 32GB / 64GB SSD options and 2GB of RAM.

At its core the device is running Windows 7 Home Premium though Samsung has created its own Touch Launcher that indicates a ton of applications which are "optimized for the touchscreen." Other apps will be available through Samsung's App Manager as well as Windows Product Scout. It is still unclear what Windows Product Scout is all about, but this device does come with a USB port as well as an HDMI port, 4-in-1 card reader, an ambient light sensor and a 1.3 megapixel webcam.

Another great feature for this product is the fact that, according to Samsung, it boots in under 20 seconds and will also be available with WiMax. But, this device also comes with its fair share of concerns from the tech world, mainly battery life. However, in response to that, Samsung is claiming that the six-cell lithium-polymer battery that is powering the device will last up to nine hours on a single charge.

This device is looking pretty awesome, especially for the $699 price tag. This is a great product for anybody who loves the functionality that they get from their tablet but hates lugging around both a tablet and a laptop. Look for the Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series when it hits store shelves sometime in March, 2011.

Source: Engadget
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