Thursday, September 1, 2011

Samsung's Galaxy WiFi 3.6 is a Smartphone without the Phone

Samsung Galaxy WiFi 3.6This may be a surprise to a lot of you out there, but there are some people who want a powerful Android device without the costly monthly contract of a phone plan. Well, they do exist and Samsung has launched the Galaxy WiFi 3.6 as a response. The Galaxy WiFi is an Android device reminiscent of a smartphone without a SIM card, ergo you can't make calls on it.

If you are wondering what kind of consumer would want a device like this, then think of the iPod Touch from Apple. A lot of people like having a simple phone that makes calls and sends texts and they also like the idea of having an Android device that launches apps, connects to the internet, browses the web, etc... on the side. This is especially useful for people on a tight budget.

That is where the Samsung Galaxy WiFi 3.6 comes into play. This is an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) device that comes with a 1GHz OMAP processor, a 3.65" screen, 8 or 16 GB of memory (which is expandable through a microSD card), WiFi connectivity and a 2-megapixel camera on the back. In addition to that, it also comes with a VGA camera on the front for video calls.

Other things that come on your traditional smartphone come on this device such as GPS, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, accelerometer and compass. In addition to that, it also supports a wide variety of video and audio codecs, making it an all around nice device for multimedia, gaming or app use on the go.

The Samsung Galaxy WiFi 3.6 will launch in the United Kingdom in the beginning of October and will be available from retailers such as Dixons, Amazon, Littlewoods, HMV and Argos. It will cost around $242 for the 8GB version and around $274 for the 16GB version. Pricing and availability for other countries has yet to be announced.

Source: Mashable - Samsung Galaxy WiFi 3.6 Takes the "Phone" Out of "Smartphone"

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