Friday, March 18, 2011

T-Mobile G2x and G-Slate Not Coming Until April 20th

T-Mobile G-Salte and G2xI love writing about tablets and smartphones because everybody is so excited about them! Smartphones and tablets have really taken off thanks to products like the Apple iPad and the Motorola Droid, and since they brought new life into these markets people just can't get enough of them.

Since people are so infatuated with these devices, there are always a lot of rumors floating around the internet about them. Nothing gets talk buzzing about your product like some good ol' fashioned internet rumor spouting and the latest in both smartphone and tablet rumors comes to us from T-Mobile.

There has been a lot of speculation that the G-Slate from T-Mobile would be released on March 23rd. However, as that is only five days away, it does not seem likely that the 23rd release date is going to happen. Companies like to do that. They like to tell you one date so you keep talking about their product, then when that date comes close, they push it back so you get even more excited for it.

We'll for anybody who has been following this release, I have some news, good or bad depending on how you take it. It appears that the T-Mobile G-Slate tablet as well as the T-Mobile G2x will drop together on April 20th. An official announcement is said to come soon from CTIA.

However, like the March 23rd release date, these dates are subject to change and will if they need to (you know what we mean, HTC Thunderbolt). This does give you some extra time to save up if you really want one of these devices but can't afford it now.

Source: TmoNews - T-Mobile Releasing G2X And G-Slate on April 20th?
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