Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Your Android Getting Froyo?

It seems like everybody with an android smartphone these days is eagerly awaiting Google's Android 2.2 operating system known on the streets as "Froyo". Froyo is slowly making its way onto handsets around the world, but there is a lot of confusion about which phones are receiving the update and which ones will be left behind.

Many manufacturers have been slow to reveal details about their plans for the 2.2 upgrade, but if you piece together all the little snippets of information that we do know about, then you craft a pretty nice picture of what is happening in the Froyo universe. So check out the following list and see if your phone made the cut for the Froyo treatment.

HTC Aria - Southeast Asian carriers are receiving th update now. No word on an official U.S. release date.

HTC Wildfire - Started in Europe in late December and is expected to be complete around the world by end of February 2011.

Samsung Acclaim - Made available on January 13, 2011 but as a manual download.

LG Ally - Officially began January 18, 2011 and is still running.

Samsung Galaxy S - All Samsung Galaxy S handsets will be receiving Froyo including: Samsung Captivate (AT&T); February 16, Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint); February 21, Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile); January 21, and Samsung Fascinate (Verizon) February 22.

Other phones expected to get Froyo include:

Motorola Mileatone

Motorola Defy

Samsung Transform

Nook Color

Samsung Galaxy Apollo

Samsung Continuum

Samsung Apex

Sanyo Zio

If your phone wasn't listed here, chances are it either a.) already has the update, b.) is still iffy on the subject or c.) isn't getting the update at all. ComputerWorld has the full list of all the phones getting the update, all the ones that got it and all the ones that are iffy or not getting it at all, so check to make sure your phone is on the list and when you are expected to get it, if at all.

Source - ComputerWorld - Android 2.2 upgrade list: Is your phone getting Froyo?

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