Sunday, July 18, 2010

Never Be Late Again with the iHome+Sleep App

Never Be Late Again with the iHome+Sleep App

Do you find yourself getting to work late or missing important deadlines? What about when you're on the road? Does that hotel wake-up call really wake you up? If you're looking for a new alarm clock with lots of other neat features, iHome+Sleep is the app for you!

Made by iHome, a popular iPod and iPhone accessory brand, iHome+Sleep has a lot to offer. You can create multiple bedtime and wake-up settings with alarms, wake and sleep music, social networking updates, personal reminders, and more. Basically, you can create your own sleep profiles. In addition, the app can be used with some of iHome's hardware or "App-Enhanced" products.

You can also choose music to wake up to from your iPod library, get the weather with the weather widget from The Weather Channel, check up on your sleep stats, and even use it with Facebook and Twitter.

But according to iHome, the app is not yet finished. In the weeks and months ahead, the company will be adding even more features. These will include the ability to sleep and wake-up to internet radio stations, background alarms with multi-task support, improved alarm settings, an improved menu, separate wake and sleep volume/fade settings, and iPhone landscape mode, among others.

You can currently get the free app for your iPod or iPhone, but in the future, iHome plans to make it available for the iPad, as well. For more information, visit

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