Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kindle for Mac

Kindle for Mac

Ever wanted to read your Kindle books on your Mac? There is now an app for that! And it's available now - free - in over 100 countries. Amazon announced the new application last week.

Currently, the Kindle Store (which can be found at Amazon.com/KindleStore) has over 450,000 books, which includes many new releases, most of the New York Times Bestsellers, and other popular books you can't find in digital form anywhere else. Kindle books can already be read on Kindle, Kindle DX, iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, PC, and now Mac. Kindle for iPad is coming soon.

In a statement, Jay Marine, the director of Amazon Kindle said of the new app, "Kindle for Mac is the perfect companion application for customers who own a Kindle or Kindle DX. For those customers around the world who don’t yet have a Kindle, Kindle for Mac is a great way to instantly access and read the most popular new releases as well as their old favorites."

The new app utilizes Amazon's Whipersync technology that allows you to save and synchronize your bookmarks, no matter what device you're using to access your book. You can switch from Kindle to your Mac to your iPhone and never lose your place!

So what all can you do with your Kindle for Mac app? For starters, you can purchase, download, and read the books available in the Kindle store, and access any books you've purchased previously and stored on Amazon's servers. You can read in ten different font sizes and adjust the words on each line. View any notes or highlights you made in the book on any other gadgets and read books in full color, which is great if you read children's books, travel books, and textbooks.

According to the press release, Kindle for Mac will have more features added to it in the future, such as full text search, and the ability to create or edit notes and highlights. To download the free app, visit amazon.com/kindleformac.

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