Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skype for Symbian Mobile OS

Skype for Symbian Mobile OS

Nokia and Skype have announced a new Skype client for the Symbian Mobile Operating System, which can now be downloaded from Nokia's Ovi Store. Right now, it works with about 20 of the company's phones. The app allows users to make Skype-to-Skype calls, send instant messages, share files and photos, and works with both Wi-Fi and mobile data connection. It will also cut costs when sending messages overseas.

Depending on whether or not your Nokia phone has a touchscreen, you'll need to download a different client. Even so, both versions work exactly the same way.

Skype suggests users purchase an unlimited data plan before using the application, due to the fact that the it can use anywhere from about 8,000 bits per second up to 20,000 bits per second. When using mobile data connection, well, that can add up!

If you use Symbian smartphones from other manufacturers, such as Sony, never fear, they company plans to have those soon. They are also working on a "top priority" version for Android.

Skype is becoming more and more popular in Europe - the company even partnered with Verizon Wireless recently - but some countries continue to charge excessive fees for using it. Experts are optimistic, though. With the increase in use, they say many companies will continue to treat it just like any other service. Also, the company is working to show companies how they can work with Skype to make more money for themselves.

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