Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BlackBerry Owners Wish they Had an iPhone

Blackberry Owners Wish they Had an iPhone

Everyone I know who owns a BlackBerry claims to love it, but a new survey says otherwise. It seems as though almost half of BlackBerry users would rather have an iPhone. And nearly a third of BlackBerry users would switch to Google's Android-based phone, the Nexus One.

The study, conducted by Crowd Science, shows that Research in Motion's BlackBerry is still the most popular smartphone, at least in terms of market share, but even so, users would rather have a different platform. On the other hand, iPhone and Android users would not be so quick to switch platforms. 90 % of those surveyed said that if they were shopping for a new phone, they'd buy the same one they have vs. changing.

Crowd Science CEO John Martin says BlackBerry's brand just doesn't have the loyalty that other operating systems do. He says that the "allure of the iPhone" and the increasing popularity of Google's Android are taking away from what following the BlackBerry does have.

The study also found that most smartphone users say they use their phones for both business and personal reasons, but BlackBerry users were more likely to use them for business about 7 % of the time. BlackBerry devices are often known for having nice, quality keyboards, but Nexus One and the iPhone have on-screen keyboards that allow for a larger screen. This makes on-the-go media usage easier and could be a key factor in why people would rather switch. This has many smartphone makers wondering if they should ditch the keyboards.

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