Thursday, November 29, 2012

Share files on Gmail up to 10GB with Google Drive

Have you ever tried to send an attachment through Gmail and the file was too big? I’m sure many of you have, as their attachment size limit used to be only 25MB. After Microsoft introduced 10GB attachments in Hotmail, Google was behind the curve.

Now Google has integrated its cloud-based service: Google Drive into Gmail, allowing users to transfer files up to 10GB in size.
Google Drive was introduced by Google in April, allowing users to store up to 5GB for free; each additional 25GB costs only $2.49.

After users opt-in for the new “Compose” feature for Gmail, you can select (or even drag and drop) files from your computer up to 10GB in size. Not to mention with the new feature users can navigate throughout Gmail more quickly and easily all while composing a message, with the new compose pop-up window (much like chats only bigger).

Also with the new compose feature, users will now see a contact picture from Google+ of the recipient entered in the “To, Cc, or Bcc” line.

Additionally, your recipient will always have access to the most up-to-date version of your file stored on Google Drive; you or your recipient can now make changes back and forth to the shared document and all of the message recipients will see the changes to the file next time they access the document online.

Much like DropBox or SkyDrive, with Google Drive you can now access all of your stored files anywhere, anytime. But look out DropBox and SkyDrive, Google specializes in integrating all of its services, and with the new Gmail integration, Google Drive should gain further popularity.

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