Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Windows 8 Tablet to Launch in October from Lenovo

Lenovo IdeaPad YogaA recently leaked report supposedly has all the info on what vendor will be launching the world's first Windows 8 tablet. But what most people are focusing on in this report is not which vendor will have the first Windows 8 tablet but when that tablet will release. According to "unidentified sources" cited by The Verge, Lenovo will be the first company to release a Windows 8 tablet, complete with an Intel chip, in October of this year.

There have been a plethora of reports leaked over the past few months claiming that Microsoft is aiming for an October release date, which would fall in line with this most recent Lenovo rumor. However, Microsoft "doesn't comment on rumors or speculation" so nobody really knows when exactly we will see Windows 8.

What is a possibility is that this rumored Windows 8 tablet from Lenovo could very well be the same one that the company showed off at CES earlier in the year. That particular tablet, which the company called the IdeaPad Yoga, sported a 13.3" screen and is able to be transformed into a notebook, complete with its own built-in keyboard.

Most companies have kept their Windows 8 products under wraps, except for Dell. Dell has been very forward in announcing its Windows 8 tablet plans for the future. CEO of the company Michael Dell even went as far as telling Bloomberg that his company is going to launch a Windows 8 tablet the very same day the OS launches. If this is true and the rumor of the Lenovo tablet is true, we may see some day one competition on the Windows 8 tablet front.

No matter who breaks the gate first, whether it's Lenovo or Dell, they will be quickly followed by some stiff competition from other companies like Asus, Samsung and HP. Just the other day Nokia Design Chief Marko Ahtisarri stated that his company would soon be launching a tablet onto the market. It is widely believed that this tablet would also build around a Windows 8 operating system, broadening the competition even more if it's true.

Source: CNET - Lenovo to launch first Windows 8 tablet==in October, report says

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