Friday, February 17, 2012

32GB Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM Supposedly Canceled

If you were really looking forward to getting your hands on the 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, then I have some rather bad news. The GSM model was originally was supposed to be available with either a 16GB or 32GB model, but the 32GB has yet to make it into physical form. That may be due to the fact that online retailer Expansys-USA Samsung has officially canceled the device. Well, it may just be delayed, though recent reports aren't looking favorable.

The Galaxy Nexus was shipped without support for a micro-SD slot, which would allow for extra storage, leaving users to contend with whatever built-in storage their model came with. The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon comes with 32GB of storage, but everybody else, including GSM models, can only get 16GB devices. Lots of users have been waiting for the company to ship 32GB versions online with no luck.

An "official" comment from an employee at Expansys named Corey has just been released stating that Samsung has, for some unknown reason, canceled or delayed the 32GB model, though it is uncertain as to whether or not this information is viable. The statement reads, "We've just been notified this morning that Samsung has dropped the Galaxy Nexus 32GB from production. At this time it looks like they will not be releasing it. Not good news at all. Corey, EXPANSYS-USA."

A lot of people have been specifically waiting for this exact version to come out. The 32GB GSM Galaxy Nexus was also showing up as discontinued early Tuesday morning at the online retailer, though now it seems to have disappeared from the site completely. If more information on the 32GB model comes up, we'll be the first to have it, though the outlook doesn't look good that you will be getting this device any time soon.

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