Monday, November 7, 2011

New Nook Tablet Launched by Barnes & Noble, Set to Challenge Amazon's Kindle Fire

Barnes & Noble Nook TabletAmazon's Kindle Fire has been buzzing around the internet for a while now getting everybody up in a frenzy. For those of you who don't already know, the Kindle Fire is a 7" tablet from Amazon that has a beautiful $199 price tag. However, it appears as if Amazon has some competition now that Barnes & Noble has pulled the curtain on the all new Nook Tablet.

The new Nook Tablet heavily resembles its predecessor, the recently discounted Nook Color. Everything looks pretty much the same, even the metal bar on the bottom of the corner. Even though Barnes & Noble technically already launched into the tablet market earlier this year with an upgraded Nook Color, the Nook Tablet looks to bring more than just a new name to an old device.

The tablet comes with a 7" IPS display with full lamination, video playback in up to 1080p, and 11.5 hours of battery life, supposedly. In addition to that, the Nook Tablet also comes with 16GB of built-in memory which can be further expanded thanks to a microSD slot.

The Nook Tablet is definitely concerned with multimedia content and offers Netflix, as well as Hulu Plus, pre-loaded and also gives you access to 250 magazines and periodicals, as well as comics from big name publishers like Marvel. It is also obvious that Barnes & Noble is going straight at the Kindle Fire, but I don't think that this is going to come as any big surprise to anyone.

There are great features with both devices but you may want to consider getting the Nook Tablet over the Kindle Fire for a few reasons. First off, the Nook Tablet offers double the storage space of the Kindle Fire (which, of course, is also expandable) as well as a better display, more RAM, free in-store device support and a lighter body weight at under 1 lb.

The device, when it is released, will run Android Gingerbread and, unfortunately, does not offer open access to the Android Marketplace, just like the previous Nook Color. The tablet will cost you $50 more than the Kindle Fire with a $249 price tag but that $50 difference seems like it's worth it, especially for a better screen, double storage, more RAM and a lighter weight.

Pre-orders are now available online or in-store with the device beginning to ship next week.

Source: Engadget - Barnes & Noble launches Nook Tablet, lights a fire under Amazon

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