Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPhone 4S Plagued by AT&T Activation Issues

iPhone 4S boxEven though the iPhone 4S literally just launched, people are already reporting complaints and problems with the latest smartphone from Apple. People all across the internet have been complaining that they have been unable to activate the iPhone 4S on AT&T's network because of too much strain on the carrier's servers.

Those iPhone 4S owners did state later that the activation process was sped up when the device's screen displayed a message saying, "I may take up to three minutes to activate your iPhone." What is of more interest is that there have yet to be any reports from users on the device's other two carriers, Verizon and the newly added Sprint, reporting similar issues.

Naturally, the host of complainers took to the social networks to voice their frustration at being stuck on the iPhone activation screen for an absurd amount of time. One user on Twitter stated that he waited two hours for the iPhone 4S to activate with another using tweeting, "there was a problem connecting" to the AT&T server during activation of the device. Another, more comical post stated, "5 years and counting, AT&T iPhone activation fail."

It comes as no surprise to anybody that iPhone 4S users are having troubles on AT&T as the carrier has a long-standing history of iPhone problems. When the iPhone first launched back in 2007, a plethora of people were forced to wait more than a day for the carrier to activate their device. iPhone 3GS users back in 2009 experienced similar issues and were also forced to wait several days before their devices could be activated. However, Apple did offer a $30 iTunes credit to customers experiencing the problem.

AT&T didn't have to worry about competition in those days as the company was the only carrier. This time around things are different as AT&T has not just one but two companies vying for iPhone customers, and since both Verizon and Sprint have not reported any problems, that makes the problems over at AT&T stand out even more.

Source: CNET - iPhone 4S buyers complain of AT&T activation issues

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