Saturday, August 6, 2011

Intel Ultrabooks to be Priced Below $1,000, Competes Strongly with Apple

Intel UltrabookIn the realm of ultra-thin notebooks, many companies complain that they cannot compete on price with the industry's juggernaut Apple and its MacBook series. However, Intel has just developed a ready-made spec for its upcoming ultrabook part costs that, according to the company, will help placate Windows PC builders who are affected by prices.

According to Intel, the raw build of materials before assembly is said to be between $475 and $650 for the slightly thicker 0.8" models and between $493 and $710 for the thinner 0.7" models, similar to the MacBook Air. A total of five templates currently exist for the thinner category, with the UX21 and larger UX31 from Asus matching that specification.

A rumored meetings is supposed to take place next week that will gauge how well the bill of materials lines up with the specs PC builders are looking for. Intel, along with the initial partners, are supposedly all aiming for starting prices below $1,000, even with requirements like metal shells and solid-state drives.

In addition to that, up to and including ultrabooks that are based on Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge 22 nanometer processors, all of the 11" to 13" models that will be closely following Apple's formula must be no thicker than 0.7". Manufacturers will still be able to make an ultrabook at 14" to 17", which will give them the leeway to increase the thickness to 0.8".

The first round of Windows-based ultrabooks are said to be hitting store shelves this September, when the UX21 ships. Other companies, like Acer and HP, will be joining in later. Intel has not yet stated publicly its reasons behind embracing the concept of an ultrabook, but only did so after the MacBook Air was released in 2010.

Intel has been looking for a way to keep ultraportable notebooks relevant as the tablet PC market chips away at the PC market and it looks as if the company has taken Apple's idea of a very thin, lightweight, instant response, long-living system as a way to offer things the tablet gives you in the form of a conventional laptop.

Source: Electronista - Intel ultrabook spec keeps parts sub-$710 to spar with Apple

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